What does filling me in mean?

What does filling me in mean?

to fill (somebody) in (on something): to tell (somebody) the details (about something); to inform, to advise, to notify (somebody about something)

What does the phrase filling in mean?

1 : to enrich (something, such as a design) with detail. 2 : to give necessary or recently acquired information to I’ll fill you in. intransitive verb. : to fill a vacancy usually temporarily interns filled in for regular staffers. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About fill-in.

What does it mean to fill in someone?

to informally tell someone information that is wanted or needed: We filled her in on all the latest gossip.

How do you use fill in in a sentence?

1. When you fill in the form, please write clearly/legibly in black ink. 2. He helped us to fill in a big gap in our knowledge.

Can someone fill me in meaning?

fill someone in (on someone or something) to tell someone the details about someone or something. Please fill me in on what happened last night.

Can you please fill me in meaning?

Definition: To give someone information about something that that person missed or didn’t know.

What is the phrasal verb of fill in?

1to fill something completely The hole was filled in. to spend time doing something while waiting for something more important He filled in the rest of the day watching television.

What is the difference between fill in and fill out?

Fill in – (transitive) to complete a form or questionnaire with requested information. Fill out – (transitive) to complete a form or questionnaire with requested information.

What is the difference between fill up and fill in?

So we see that “fill in” and “fill out” mean to complete a questionnaire, survey or form with the necessary information. “Fill up” means to make something full, generally with a liquid. Ask them to “fill in” a form or “fill out” a form.

What does fill someone up mean?

“To fill someone up” can also mean to make someone feel a complete person, fulfilled, without necessarily a sexual connotation. I would say this is normally only used if there is some sort of helping noun following the expression to avoid the sexual connotation that is inherent in it. He fills me (up) with joy.

Can anyone fill me in meaning?

The phrase fill someone in means to tell someone about something that he or she was unaware of.

What is the example of fill in?

The definition of a fill-in is a person or thing that is a substitute for someone or something else. An example of fill-in is a substitute teacher. One that serves as a substitute for another.

What is the definition of filling in English?

English Language Learners Definition of filling : material that is used to fill something : a food mixture that is used to fill something (such as pastry or a sandwich) See the full definition for filling in the English Language Learners Dictionary

When do you use fill in for someone?

To substitute for someone or something. In this usage, “fill in” is followed by “for.”. Can you fill in for me on the conference call? I have to leave early today for a doctor’s appointment. To fill a hole or void, especially so something looks uniform in appearance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “fill” and “in.”…

Why do people fill in forms in the Dictionary?

This is mainly due to the effect of fill – in occurring during the factorisation process. With population pressure rising, some residents petitioned to fill – in the palace moat and use that land for new construction. Forms were elicited through definitions, paraphrases, fill – in -theblank phrases, pictures or drawings.

What is the meaning of fill in the blanks?

See also: fill. 1. Complete something, especially by supplying more information or detail. For example, Be sure to fill in your salary history. It is also put as fill in the blanks, as in We’ll rely on Mary to fill in the blanks.