What does erythematous mean in medical terms?

What does erythematous mean in medical terms?

Erythema: Redness of the skin that results from capillary congestion. Erythema can occur with inflammation, as in sunburn and allergic reactions to drugs.

What does cytopenia mean?

Listen to pronunciation. (SY-toh-PEE-nee-uh) A condition in which there is a lower-than-normal number of blood cells.

What is a Vesiculotomy?

Medical Definition of vesiculotomy : surgical incision of a seminal vesicle.

What is the difference between polycythemia and Erythrocytosis?

Erythrocytosis is sometimes referred to as polycythemia, but the conditions are slightly different: Erythrocytosis is an increase in RBCs relative to the volume of blood. Polycythemiais an increase in both RBC concentration and hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body’s tissues.

What does fissure mean in medical terms?

Fissure: A cleft or groove. A fissure can be normal or abnormal. A fissure in the cerebral cortex is a normal feature. It is a deep fold that involves the entire thickness of the brain wall. A fissure in the anus is abnormal.

What is the medical word for itching?

Pruritus is the medical term for itchy skin.

What is the difference between cytopenia and anemia?

Anemia occurs when there are too few red blood cells in the blood. Leucopenia is a condition with too few white blood cells. Low platelet count is called thrombocytopenia. Pancytopenia occurs when a person has a decrease in all three blood cell types.

Is neutropenia a cytopenia?

Cytopenia, defined by a reduced number of blood cells manifesting as either anemia, neutropenia, and/or thrombocytopenia (1), may be associated with multiple conditions, including cancer, bone marrow suppression from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as pregnancy, nutrient deficiencies, liver disease, hypersplenism …

What is Adrenomegaly?

[ ə-drē′nō-mĕg′ə-lē ] n. Enlargement of the adrenal glands.

What is Vasovesiculitis?

n. inflammation of the seminal vesicles and vas deferens. This usually occurs in association with prostatitis and causes pain in the perineum, groin, and scrotum and a high temperature.

Is erythrocytosis serious?

Primary erythrocytosis can be a harmless disorder caused by a genetic trait that is passed down in families. If you only have too many red blood cells without having too many white blood cells or platelets, and you don’t have secondary erythrocytosis, this may be why.

What does erythema mean in medical terms?

Definition of erythema : abnormal redness of the skin or mucous membranes due to capillary congestion (as in inflammation) : abnormal redness of the skin or mucous membranes due to capillary congestion (as in inflammation)

erythema – Medical Definition. n. Redness of the skin caused by dilatation and congestion of the capillaries, often a sign of inflammation or infection. Related Forms: er′y·them′a·tous (-thĕm′ə-təs, -thē′mə-) er′y·the·mat′ic (-măt′ĭk) er′y·the′mic adj.

What is the root word of erythema?

medical Latin, from Greek erythema “a redness on the skin; a blush; redness,” from erythainein “to become red,” from erythros “red” (from PIE root *reudh- “red, ruddy”). Related: Erythematous.

What is erythema and edema?

Erythema and Edema. PCT is often to blame for sudden painful skin redness (erythema), and sudden swelling of the skin (edema). These porphyria symptoms tend to be extremely uncomfortable and can turn into blisters or scars upon scratching.