What does EDF charge kWh?

What does EDF charge kWh?

Does EDF offer a variable rate tariff?

Plan Tariff type Unit rate cost (p/kWh)
Standard Variable Variable Rate 20.84 p*
Standard Variable Variable Rate 4.01 p*

What Time Is electricity cheaper EDF?

You’ll have a higher day rate, and a cheaper night rate, which applies for seven to nine hours between 8pm and 8am. These meters are often installed in properties that use electricity (rather than gas) for heating and hot water.

What is EDF fixed tariff?

A fixed tariff gives you peace of mind as you pay a set price for your unit rates over the lifetime of your contract. It means that when energy prices are going up ā€“ as they are now ā€“ the unit price you pay stays the same regardless. Please remember the more you use, the more you will pay.

How much is octopus energy per kWh?

The unit rate for electricity with Octopus is 13.15 pence per kWh and the standing charge is 21 pence per day. If you’re on an Economy 7 tariff, the unit rate during the day is 14.49 pence per kWh, while at night it’s 7.76 pence per kWh – the standing charge is the same.

Is electricity cheaper at night EDF?

You pay a cheaper rate for electricity for seven hours at night (off-peak) and a higher one in the day.

Is electricity cheaper at night with octopus energy?

Octopus Go customers get super cheap electricity for 5p / kWh between 00:30 – 04:30 every night, so they can charge up their EV for a tenth of the price of a traditional car, and keep charging costs as low as 1p per mile.

Is EDF Energy a good supplier?

EDF Energy generally performs slightly better than other big six energy suppliers. In a recent survey, the company came 27th out of 35 suppliers. Citizens Advice ranked the supplier well for bill accuracy, number of complaints, call answer times and speed of switching.