What does Anna Ford do now?

What does Anna Ford do now?

Anna Ford (born 2 October 1943) is an English former journalist, television presenter and newsreader. She first worked as a researcher, news reporter and later newsreader for Granada Television, ITN, and the BBC. Ford now lives in her home town of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

What age is Anna Ford?

78 years (October 2, 1943)
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Who is Anna Ford married to?

Mark Boxerm. 1981–1988
Alan Bittlesm. 1970–1976
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Is Jane Hill married?

Sara Shepherd
Jane Hill/Spouse

Who did Anna Ford throw wine A?

Jonathan Aitken
Anna Ford Expressing No Regrets After Throwing Wine Over Her Former Boss Jonathan Aitken…. newsreaders Stock Image by Rob Taggart for editorial use, Jun 16, 1983. Anna Ford Expressing No Regrets After Throwing Wine Over Her Former Boss Jonathan Aitken…. new…

Has Kate Adie retired?

Kate Adie, the BBC’s veteran war reporter, has resigned after being sidelined ahead of the expected conflict with Iraq. Adie’s decision to step down as the BBC’s chief news correspondent ends a 34-year career during which she covered conflicts from China to Libya, Kosovo to Kuwait.

What happened Sue Lawley?

Lawley remained with the show until it came to a close in 1983. During an interview with the Carpenters on Nationwide in 1981 she surprised Karen Carpenter by asking her directly about her anorexia, an eating disorder which contributed to her death in February 1983.

Who was the first female newsreader on ITV?

Mary Nightingale
Alma mater Bedford College, University of London
Occupation Journalist and TV presenter
Years active 1990–present
Employer ITV News

How old is Jane Hill?

52 years (June 10, 1969)
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Is Jenny Hill ill?

BBC newsreader Jane Hill has revealed she has been declared free of breast cancer, two years after she was diagnosed with the disease. The presenter told her followers on Twitter that she was celebrating with an ‘alcohol-free beer’ after being told by her doctors that ‘the scariest period’ of her illness had ended.

How old is Kate Adie now?

76 years (September 19, 1945)
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What happened Kate aide?

Who was the BBC correspondent in Dublin in the 1970s?

Frank Delaney – BBC correspondent in Dublin during the early 1970s, mainly reporting on the Troubles. He later hosted various literary programmes on both television and radio and was himself a much-published author. He died in 2017.

Who are the former BBC newsreaders who have died?

Kay Alexander – main presenter on Midlands Today. She retired in 2012 after nearly 40 years of continuous service. Linda Alexander – reporter and presenter on Newsnight from 1980 until 1983. She died in 2015. She was married to the BBC’s former political editor David Holmes. Kenneth Allsop – reporter for Tonight in the 1960s. He died in 1973.

Who are some famous people who worked for the BBC?

John Pitman – long-serving BBC journalist: he originally worked on ‘Braden’s Week’ during the late-1960s, but later became best known as a regular reporter on Man Alive. He died in 2018. Martin Popplewell – regular presenter on BBC News 24 between 2002 and 2003. He now works for Sky News.

Who was the presenter on Wales Today in the 1980s?

Noreen Bray – main presenter on Wales Today during the 1980s. She also occasionally presented Songs of Praise. Fern Britton – originally worked for Westward Television, before joining the BBC in the early 1980s as a newsreader on News After Noon and Breakfast Time.