What does a capitulate mean?

What does a capitulate mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to surrender often after negotiation of terms The enemy was forced to capitulate unconditionally. b : to cease resisting : acquiesce The company capitulated to the labor union to avoid a strike.

What does Capitalating mean?

See synonyms for: capitulate / capitulating on Thesaurus.com. 馃捈 Post-College Level. verb (used without object), ca路pit路u路lat路ed, ca路pit路u路lat路ing. to surrender unconditionally or on stipulated terms: When he saw the extent of the forces arrayed against him, the king capitulated, and signed their list of demands.

How do you use the word capitulate?

Capitulate in a Sentence 馃攭

  1. After seeing himself on the news, the escaped convict decided to capitulate to avoid being shot by a police officer.
  2. I will not capitulate on this deal unless I receive the stock options I have requested!

What is an example of capitulate?

To capitulate is to surrender or give in to all demands. An example of capitulate is when someone asks something of you and you give in to everything they request. To give up (to an enemy) on prearranged conditions; surrender conditionally.

Can you impugn a person?

When you impugn, you hazard repugnant pugnacity. More simply put, you risk insulting someone so greatly that they may punch you in response.

How do you know if you have secret animosity?

Signs of Resentment

  1. Recurring Negative Feelings. It’s common to feel recurring negative feelings toward people or situations that hurt you.
  2. Inability to Stop Thinking About the Event.
  3. Feelings of Regret or Remorse.
  4. Fear or Avoidance.
  5. A Tense Relationship.

Which is the best definition of the word capitulate?

Definition of capitulate. intransitive verb. 1 archaic : parley, negotiate. 2a : to surrender often after negotiation of terms The enemy was forced to capitulate unconditionally.

What does it mean when a country refuses to capitulate?

“Capitulate” stresses the termination of all resistance and may imply either a coming to terms, as with an adversary, or hopelessness before an irresistible opposing force (“officials capitulated to the demands”). The country still refuses to capitulate despite its weakening army and dwindling resources.

Which is the best definition of the meaning of life?

1 Combination (bonding). 2 Survival of the combination, and of any resulting organism. 3 Extension of the organism, usually by means of replication. 4 Acquisition of energy.

Why does the meaning of life change over time?

The meaning of life for individuals may diminish or fade as a consequence of decline or difficult or tragic circumstances. Here it might, sadly, be difficult to see any meaning of life at all. The meaning is also likely to change from one phase of life to another, due to personal development, new interests, contexts, commitments and maturity.