What do outfielders do?

What do outfielders do?

An outfielder is a person playing in one of the three defensive positions in baseball or softball, farthest from the batter. As an outfielder, their duty is to catch fly balls and/ ground balls then to return them to the infield for the out or before the runner advances, if there is any runners on the bases.

Is being an outfielder easy?

It’s Not As Easy As You May Think! The outfield is generally not the most sought after position in Little League. Most balls hit by Little Leaguers are hit in the infield and, as a result, most young players want to pitch, catch or play a base. A good outfielder can track down a ball and anticipate where it will land.

Where do you put the weakest outfielder?

Hits to left field tend to curve toward the left field foul line, and left fielders must learn to adjust to that. Of all outfielders, the left fielder often will have the weakest arm, as he generally does not need to throw the ball as far to prevent the advance of any baserunners.

How are outfielders supposed to do outfield drills?

Once the ball is in the air the outfielder will run towards the ball and make a diving play; Another way to perform this drill: Have a partner toss short fly balls that are just out of reach for an outfielder; When the ball is in the air the outfielder will run towards the ball and dive for the catch

Why is it important to play outfield in baseball?

Some of the most exciting plays in baseball happen in the outfield. Whether that’s a diving catch, robbing a home run, or just being able to cover a lot of ground when catching a fly ball – playing outfield in baseball is no small task. That is why it is important to practice outfield drills whenever you have the opportunity.

What to do in the outfield for softball?

This one allows you to work on correctly positioning and readying your body to make a perfect throw from the outfield to the infield after making a catch. Gently throw the baseball into the air and get behind the ball as you would in an actual game. Catch the ball and then work on transitioning to your throwing position.

What kind of drills do softball players do?

This simple drill allows you to practice tracking down flyballs hit over you or to either side of you and helps you develop proper footwork and a quick first step. Grab a cone and five baseballs.