What did paul McCartney say about God Only Knows?

What did paul McCartney say about God Only Knows?

YOU WERE ONCE QUOTED AS SAYING SOMETHING LIKE “GOD ONLY KNOWS” IS THE GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN. PAUL: “It’s a really, really great song—it’s a big favorite of mine. [Quotes the lyrics to “God Only Knows”] Very emotional, always a bit of a choker for me, that one.

Did Brian Wilson sing God Only Knows?

It is the eighth track on the group’s 11th studio album, Pet Sounds, and one of their most widely recognized songs. “God Only Knows” was composed and produced by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Tony Asher and lead vocal by Carl Wilson.

Who wrote the song God Only Knows what I’d be without you?

Brian Wilson
Tony Asher
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Who sang lead vocals on God Only Knows?

The Beach Boys
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Who is paul McCartney’s favorite band?

The former Beatle announced Radiohead, The Zutons, The Killers and The Wombats as his favourite bands of the moment, while Echo & The Bunnymen get a mention for their Liverpudlian connection.

How old was Brian Wilson when he wrote Pet Sounds?

23 years old
Throughout 1965, while the rest of band toured, Wilson worked on his new project. He arranged, composed, and produced the album and conducted an army of L.A.’s best studio musicians, a.k.a. “The Wrecking Crew,” to perform on it. Wilson had unprecedented control over Pet Sounds, and he was just 23 years old at the time.

What did paul McCartney think of Pet Sounds?

Paul McCartney has admitted that “Pet Sounds” has made him cry and that “God Only Knows” is his favorite song in all of music history. “The one thing that did stand out [from making ‘Pet Sounds’] — ‘God Only Knows,’ in my opinion, was one of the best things we ever attempted and completed,” said Jardine.

Who did the Beatles admire?

The Beatles started out as a rock’n’roll band. Their most admiration went to the rock’n’roll legend Elvis Presley. Another rock’n’roll legend that inspired and influenced the Beatles was Chuck Berry.

When did Brian Wilson write God Only Knows?

Genres attributed to “God Only Knows” include baroque rock, baroque pop, art pop, psychedelic rock, avant-pop, and experimental pop. Brian Wilson has said that he wrote the song as an attempt to match the standard of the Beatles’ Rubber Soul album, which was released in December 1965.

Who was the composer of God Only Knows?

Written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher, it is a Baroque -style love song distinguished for its harmonic innovation and its subversion of typical pop music formula. It is often praised as one of the greatest songs ever written and as the Beach Boys’ finest record.

Why is the song God Only Knows called that?

“God Only Knows” is frequently cited for referencing “God” in its title, a decision that Wilson and Asher agonized over, fearing it would not get airplay as a result. The first time I heard it, Brian played it for me at the piano. And I went, “Oh my God, he’s talking about God in a record.”.

When did the Beach Boys God Only Knows come out?

In 2004, it was ranked number 25 in Rolling Stone ‘ s ” 500 Greatest Songs of All Time ” and was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ‘s ” 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll “. “God Only Knows” is among the several songs that Brian Wilson and Tony Asher wrote for the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album.