What did ancient India and ancient Greece have in common?

What did ancient India and ancient Greece have in common?

Both civilizations had organized governments, social classes, and religions. Social Hierarchy : They both had systems of social hierarchy with the upper class ruling over the lower class. Both empires had a single major religion that the majority of the population believed in.

Why are Greek and Indian mythology similar?

Both of them act as messengers and both of them are sons of two most powerful Gods in their own respective mythologies. They share a lot of similar characteristics traits as well. At times, both of them are shrewd and cunning. Both of them are often known to trick and mislead people with their words.

Did Greeks come India?

Indo-Greek rule (180 BC-10 AD) In 180 BC, the Indo-Greeks, invaded parts of northwest and northern India and ruled in the Punjab region. The invasion of northern India followed the destruction of the Mauryan dynasty by the general Pushyamitra Shunga, who then founded the new Indian Shunga dynasty (185 BC-78 BC).

Who is the tallest king in India?

The ‘mountain man’: Maharana Pratap is revered as one of the strongest warriors India has ever seen. Standing at 7 feet 5 inches, he would carry a 80-kilogram spear and two swords weighing around 208 kilograms in total.

How are the mythologies of India and Greece similar?

This is what Joseph Campbell said, the professor of mythology whose work on comparative mythology is vast and illuminating. India and Greece both boast ancient civilisations with deep, rich mythologies. Like many mythologies around the world, Hindu and Hellenic mythologies too share some fascinating similarities.

Are there any similarities between Greek and Hindu gods?

The gods of love and desire, both Kamadeva (also known as Manmatha) and Cupid shoot arrows into the hearts of unsuspecting people to make them fall in love. 8. Mount Kailasha and Mount Olympus Kailasha and Olympus are both real mountains that exist today; both are also deeply significant in their respective mythologies.

How is Athena similar to the Indian goddess Saraswati?

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, skills, war, arts, industry, and justice etc. 13. Saraswati on the other hand is the Indian goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, music and arts 14. Athena is often seen with her companion owl, while Saraswati is seen with a swan (hansa) or a peacock.

How are Zeus and Indra similar to Greek gods?

Zeus and Indra make another strikingly similar pair of Gods. While Zeus is the ruler of Olympian gods30, Indra is the king of Indian Gods31. Zeus is the god of sky, and has control over weather phenomenon related to sky and air like storms, tempests, darkness, thunders, lightening and rain30.