What decile is Whangarei Primary School?

What decile is Whangarei Primary School?

All schools are coeducational except for Whangarei Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools in Whangārei….Far North.

Name Kaeo Primary School
Years 1–6
Area Kaeo
Authority State
Decile 3

How do I check my school decile?

You can ask the school or look up a school’s decile rating using the Ministry’s School Directory school finder tool – the decile rating is listed with each school’s information.

What decile is Whangarei Girls High?

School sector: Government
Total student: 1,149 (boy:0, girl:1149)
International Student: 8
Decile rating: 5 High school decile ranking
NCEA rank: No.140 (2011)

What is the best primary school in New Zealand?

But normally, the best primary schools in New Zealand include the following institutions.

  • #1 Kaurilands School. Kaurilands School is a large urban primary school located in west Auckland.
  • #2 Maungawhau Primary School.
  • #3 ACG Parnell College.
  • #4 New Lynn School.
  • #5 Oratia District School.
  • #6 Thorndon School.
  • The Bottom Line.

Is a higher decile better?

Deciles are used to provide funding to state and state-integrated schools to enable them to overcome the barriers to learning faced by students from lower socio-economic communities. The lower the school’s decile, the more funding they receive.

What is a good decile rank?

The higher your place in the decile rankings, the higher your overall ranking. For example, if you were in the 99th percentile for a particular test, that would put you in the decile ranking of 10….What is a Decile?

Decile Rank Percentile
4 40th
5 50th
6 60th
7 70th

What decile is Kamo High School?

School sector: Government
Total student: 822 (boy:460, girl:362)
International Student: 33
Decile rating: 5 High school decile ranking
NCEA rank: No.134 (2011)

How many students are at Whangarei Girls High?

Student Population: Year Level

Funding year level Gender Total
Year 13+ Total 182
Total Female 1,428
Total Male 0
Total Total 1,428

What is the smartest school in NZ?

New Zealand’s Top 10 High Schools 2021

  1. 01 St Cuthbert’s College.
  2. 02 Pinehurst School.
  3. 03 Kristin School.
  4. 04 ACG Parnell College.
  5. 05 Macleans College.
  6. 06 Diocesan School For Girls.
  7. 07 Auckland International College.
  8. 08 Baradene College of the Sacred Heart.

What is considered a low decile school?

For example, decile 1 schools are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities, whereas decile 10 schools are the 10% of schools with the lowest proportion of these students. The lower the school’s decile, the more funding they receive.

Do higher decile schools get more funding?

Where are the schools in the Whangarei District?

The three located within the city boundaries are: Secondary schools include: Find other secondary schools in Whangarei district. Learning support refers to the additional support some children and young people need to engage and achieve in education. Learning support is available in your local early childhood centre or school.

How many deciles are there in New Zealand?

Multi-Agency Support Services in Secondary Schools (available in 21 decile 1–3 schools). For more information refer to the Services in schools information on the Oranga Tamariki website.

How much did Whangarei Primary School raise for pool?

Pool fundraising goal achieved! I am delighted to inform you that we have received a boost to our fundraising efforts from the Ministry of Education. Our own fundraising efforts were successful in raising $144,500. The Ministry have then agreed to make up the short fall required to complete the pool renovation project.

How can I contact Renew School in Whangarei?

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