What colors do you need to paint Space Marines?

What colors do you need to paint Space Marines?

They recommend Abaddon Black or Corax White for the “Classic Style” of painting. Your Space Marines: Assault Intercessors + Paints Set comes with both of those paint pots. The box set also steers you towards painting the figures in the Classic method.

What are the dots on Space Marines heads?

Service Studs are metallic studs attached to the skull of a Space Marine, which visibly protrude through the skin of the forehead. The awards signify the number of the Marine’s years in service to the Chapter.

How to paint silver Templars Space Marines for Warhammer 40k?

For a warmer black you could highlight with a deep brown instead. As with the leather, carefully move your brush back and forth over the black areas of the miniature, such as the gun case, the edges of the shoulder pads, and, the edges of the black chestplate.

How to apply Warhammer Space Marine decals ( tips )?

Place the decal on a flat surface and use a clean, small brush to carefully remove/slide the decal off from the paper backing. Remove the decal with a small brush. To apply the decal, first wet the model surface with water. Or, in my case, I really want the decal to curve around the shoulder pad as much as possible.

What kind of paint to use on Space Marines?

Screamer Pink is a good colour to use, as it’s still red-ish (warm contrasting the cool armour) a different colour to the reddish-brown leather on the figure, and will be a different colour to the Space Marine’s kneepad which we will be doing in a moment. We also used Pro Acryl’s Bright Warm Grey on the rosary beads.

Why do you need decals for Space Marines?

Decals add extra details to your wargaming miniatures. If you’re looking for realism, or a more immersive look for your Warhammer 40k vehicles, space marines, or historical wargaming pieces, decals can help. Many model kits come with water transfer decals, but they can be challenging to apply properly.