What channel is Fox Wraz?

What channel is Fox Wraz?

channel 50
WRAZ, virtual channel 50 (UHF digital channel 15), branded on-air as Fox 50, is a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Raleigh, North Carolina, United States and serving the Triangle region (Raleigh–Durham–Chapel Hill–Fayetteville).

What channel is WRAL on?

WRAL Channels

Over the Air 5.1
Spectrum 3 and 1209
DirecTV 5
Dish Network 5
U-Verse 1005

How do I watch WRAL live?

Download the WRAL app to watch WRAL News live on your Roku Stick or set-top box. Download the WRAL app to watch WRAL News live on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Download the WRAL app to watch WRAL News live on your Apple TV.

What time does WRAL news come on?


Time TV Show
5:00 pm WRAL News @ 5PM
5:30 pm WRAL News @ 5:30PM
6:00 pm WRAL News @ 6PM
6:30 pm NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt 10-21-2021 – Season 2021 Episode 287

What channel is NBC in Durham NC?


Raleigh–Durham– Fayetteville, North Carolina United States
Channels Digital: 17 (UHF) Virtual: 5
Branding WRAL-TV 5 (general) WRAL News (newscasts)
Affiliations 5.1: NBC (1956–1962, 2016–present; secondary 1962–1968) 5.2: Cozi TV 5.3: Start TV 34.1: 3ABN

Who owns WRAL Raleigh?

Capitol Broadcasting Company
WRAL-TV/Parent organizations
Jim Goodmon,CEO and chairman of the board of Capitol Broadcasting Company, the parent company of WRAL-TV, the Durham Bulls and other media and real estate ventures, is one of three people who will be granted honorary degrees at the 2018 commencement ceremony for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

How do I watch WRAL on Roku?

To download the app on your Roku streaming device, navigate to “Search” from the device’s home screen, and search for “WRAL.” Click “Add Channel” to download and start using the new app….WRAL streaming TV apps get a fresh, intuitive design

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What channels are NBC on North Carolina?

Stations for Greensboro, North Carolina

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
12-1 16.1 NBC
12-1 16.1 NBC