What cemetery is Jimi Hendrix buried in?

What cemetery is Jimi Hendrix buried in?

October 1, 1970
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Why was Bruce Lee buried in Washington state?

Bruce Lee’s history with Seattle began in 1959, according to Northwest Asian Weekly, when he moved to the Emerald City to finish high school. After Lee died in 1973, though, his widow made it clear that Seattle was the place where he should be buried.

What famous people are buried in Lakeview Cemetery Seattle?

Famous Seattlites interred at Lake View Cemetery include Princess Angeline, daughter of the city’s namesake, Chief Sealth. Also, buried at Lake View are martial-arts film star Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon Lee. Seattle rock legend Jimi Hendrix was put to rest at Greenwood Cemetery in nearby Renton.

Where in the cemetery was Bruce Lee?

Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington, United States
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Who was at Jimi Hendrix funeral?

More than two hundred people attended the funeral, including several notable musicians such as the original Experience members Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, as well as Miles Davis, John Hammond and Johnny Winter.

What was Bruce Lees GPA?

Although he was floundering at the University of Washington with a 1.84 GPA in March 1962, Bruce Lee was teeming with confidence and ambition, as if he knew success was around the corner.

What is the oldest grave in Lakeview Cemetery?

Two sites within the cemetery are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The first is the James A. Garfield Memorial, erected in 1890 as the tomb of assassinated President James A. Garfield.

Where is Chris Cornell’s grave?

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, United States
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Can u visit Bruce Lees grave?

Even on cloudy days, the grave is rarely without a visitor. People coming to pay their respects blanket the graves of Lee and his son, Brandon Bruce Lee, who is buried next to him, with offerings: figurines, crystals, candles, flowers, oranges, notes, money from around the world.

Where is Bruce Lee’s grave in Lake View Cemetery?

The grave site was located in Lake View Cemetery and cars were allowed to drive on all roads. I enjoyed the solitude and beautiful area of my hero Bruce And his son Brandon Lees final resting place .

When was Lake View Cemetery established in Seattle?

First established as the Masonic Cemetery on top of Capitol Hill in 1872, the city of Seattle changed the name to Lake View Cemetery in 1890.

How old was Bruce Lee when he died?

Bruce Lee Birth 27 Nov 1940 Chinatown, San Francisco Cou Death 20 Jul 1973 (aged 32) Kowloon, Kowloon, Burial Lake View Cemetery Seattle, King County, Plot Lot 276, Grave 3, SE Memorial ID 612 · View Source

Where is Linda Lee’s dad Bruce Lee buried?

Linda’s birth dad, Everett William Emery, died in 1950 and is buried in Everett, WA. Facing northeast: the Lees’, tall shrubs, and view beyond to Lake Washington in the distance. With this last look at their graves and the cemetery, I feel I’m leaving a little bit of myself behind.