What can I use my Beniversal card for?

What can I use my Beniversal card for?

The Beniversal Card can be used directly at approved merchants providing mass transit and parking services. If a participant receives a bill or invoice for parking services and the approved provider accepts Debit Mastercard, the participant can provide the Beniversal Card number to initiate payment.

What is Bri account?

Benefit Resource (BRI) is dedicated to the administration of tax-free benefit accounts and COBRA administration services. BRI combines expertise and excellence to provide ongoing support to employers and participants, backed by experts and technology you can trust.

What is Bri healthcare?

Benefit Resource (BRI) administers diverse tax-free benefits options with supplemental services to enhance your overall benefits administration and offering. Whether you need one service or an entire Beniversal Suite, BRI works with you to find the right blend of services to offer your employees.

How do I check my Beniversal balance?

Call the 24/7 automated QuickBalance Line at (877) 342-0825. (You will need your Beniversal or eTRAC card). Contact the Benefit Resource Participant Services Department at (800) 473-9595, Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm (EST)

What does a benefit card cover?

Participants may use the benefit card to pay a hospital, doctor, dentist, or vision provider that accepts benefit cards.

Can I buy Ensure with my HSA?

Yes, but only if your health care practitioner recommends that supplement as a treatment or prevention for a specific health condition.

What is Brispot?

BRISPOT is a mobile-based application with a one-stop service concept for Account Officer for the end-to-end lending process. In 2018, to enhance its services to the customers, BRI launched an Artificial Intelligence called Sabrina as BRI New Assistance to facilitate the customers in obtaining information on Bank BRI.

What is BRI Cobra?

COBRA coverage allows qualified beneficiaries the right to maintain group health benefits when coverage would otherwise be lost due to a qualifying event.

What is Bri Cobra?

Is BRI a name?

The name Bri is primarily a female name of American origin that means From Brie Region Of France. Form of the name Brie or a diminutive form of names starting with Bri- like Brielle or Brianna.

What is a benefits debit Mastercard?

A benefits debit card links to your employer-sponsored account so you can pay for out-of-pocket expenses. Most cards are powered by Mastercard® or Visa, so they can be used just about everywhere. A benefits debit card can link to the following: Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP)

What is my BRI member ID?

Member ID: Typically a 9-digit ID selected by the employer (i.e. SSN, payroll ID) Personal Info: First name, last name, zip code. Access to email or phone number on file with Benefit Resource.

Who are the founders of benefit resource LLC?

Benefit Resource is an independent company founded by current President, Anthony DiBarnaba, and Vice President, Tom Guiler, 25 years ago. It is headquartered in Rochester, New York with additional offices in New York City, NY and Sacramento, CA.

What do you need to know about benefit resource?

At Benefit Resource (BRI), we believe each employee plays a role in innovation and problem-solving. Employees are encouraged to ask the question “why not?” and are expected to be proactive with client and participant solutions.

Who is the Chief People Officer of benefit resource?

BRI appoints new Chief People Officer ROCHESTER, NY, February 24, 2021 —Benefit Resource LLC (BRI), a leading provider of dedicated pre-tax account administration and COBRA services nationwide, announced the selection of Donna Maxwell as the company’s Chief People Officer. Maxwell is…Continue Reading

How to contact benefit resource for eligible employees?

Contact Benefit Resource Support for Plan Participants and Eligible Employees Phone: (800) 473-9595, Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm (Eastern Time)