What beaches are dogs allowed on Newcastle?

What beaches are dogs allowed on Newcastle?

Check our beach information page for details of the restrictions in place.

  • Long Sands Beach, Tynemouth.
  • Whitley Bay Beach, Whitley Bay.
  • Roker Beach, Sunderland.
  • Seaburn Beach, Sunderland.
  • Sandhaven Beach, South Shields.
  • King Edwards Bay Beach, Tynemouth.

Are dogs allowed on Seaton Sluice beach?

Note however that Seaton Sluice Beach and Ryhope Beach have no dog restrictions and can be used all year. That should bring a wag to the tail.

How long is longsands beach?

Tynemouth Long Sands North Beach is a gently sloping sandy resort beach. The designated bathing beach measures approximately 500 metres in length and is the northern end of a one kilometre bay with the rocks near the centre marking the end of the designated area.

Can dogs go on Longsands beach?

Dogs can be walked on the section of Whitley Bay beach north of Panama Gardens and at the northern end of Tynemouth Longsands, towards Cullercoats.

Can you swim at Tynemouth beach?

The beach is accessed by steps or steep slope, making it unsuitable for those with mobility problems. The toilets are on the top, not on the beach. Take your own refreshments, Riley’s Fish Shack, whilst lovely, is not the sort of place to “pop” into for an ice lolly -queue far too long.

Can I have a fire on Tynemouth beach?

Please don’t: make fires directly on the beach (As a council we’d prefer it if you didn’t have fires on the beach at all) take glass on the beach. leave disposable BBQs on the beach.

Can dogs go on Holy Island?

Holy Island is accessed by a causeway that is completely cut off by the tide twice a day. You can also visit Lindisfarne Castle, which is owned by the National Trust. Tickets cost £7.30 for adults but bear in mind that dogs are not allowed inside the castle, only in the grounds.

Can you walk dogs on Newbiggin beach?

The measures mean dogs are forbidden on the section of beach at Newbiggin from the breakwater beside Church Point to the access from the promenade beside Sidney Crescent, from May 1 to September 30 each year. Dogs are still allowed on the west end of the bay and the full extent of the promenade.

Is Seaham beach dog friendly?

Fantastic rock pools, but also plenty of sand. This is a lovely long beach that is also dog-friendly. You can walk along the beach and return on the raised esplanade.

Is Bamburgh beach safe to swim?

Running from Seahouses to Bamburgh this is a beach like no other. Amazing views across to the Farne Islands and up the coast to Holy Island. It’s a great beach with fabulous amenities, good parking and safe swimming.