What area in Madrid has the best nightlife?

What area in Madrid has the best nightlife?

Best areas to go out in Madrid

  • Huertas: One of the liveliest and most famous parts of the city.
  • Malasaña: This area is located in the city center.
  • Chueca: One could describe Chueca as Madrid’s “Soho”.
  • Avenida de Brasil: Very near the Bernabéu Stadium, it is currently one of the best places to go out.

Does Madrid have good nightlife?

Spain is famous the world over for its nightlife and party culture. With trendy bars, happening nightclubs and so much more, Madrid is the place to be for the ultimate night on the town. If you can keep up, nightlife in Madrid can be one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

What time does Nightlife start in Madrid?

Opening Hours Trendier bars often get going around 8pm and stay open until 1am or 2am during the week, 3am on weekends. Nightclubs don’t usually open until midnight or 1am and stay open until 5am or 6am. Some open all week, others from Thursday to Saturday.

Where do celebrities go in Madrid?

Top 10 Best celebrity hot spots in Madrid, Spain

  • El Jardín Secreto. 0.8 mi. $$ Lounges, Spanish.
  • DF Bar. 0.7 mi. 48 reviews.
  • El Sur. 0.8 mi. 675 reviews.
  • Botín. 0.8 mi. 537 reviews.
  • Rosi La Loca. 0.6 mi. 155 reviews.
  • Cacao Restobar. 0.7 mi. 101 reviews.
  • Ten con Ten. 0.6 mi. 153 reviews.
  • Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. 2.1 mi. 154 reviews.

What is the nightlife like in Madrid?

Is Madrid a party city? Madrid is one of the most lively places to enjoy nightlife and is studded with a number of amazing bars and nightclubs where you can party like crazy till wee hours in the morning.

Which European city has the best nightlife?

These four cities, according to many people, are considered to be the best nightlife cities in Europe.

  • Berlin, Germany.
  • Barcelona, Spain.
  • Budapest, Hungary.
  • Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Krakow, Poland.
  • Warsaw, Poland.

Is Real Madrid or Barcelona better?

The rivalry is regarded as one of the biggest in world sport. Real Madrid leads in head-to-head results in competitive matches with 98 wins to Barcelona’s 96; Barcelona leads in exhibition matches with 19 victories to Madrid’s 4 and in total matches with 115 wins to Madrid’s 102 as of the match played on 10 April 2021.

Where has the best nightlife in Spain?

5 of the best Spanish nightlife destinations

  • Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. The popular town of Playa de las Americas, is a sun-seekers paradise.
  • Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria.
  • Magaluf, Majorca.
  • San Antonio, Ibiza.
  • Barcelona.

How much is a pint in Madrid?

Cost of Living in Madrid

Restaurants Edit
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 3.00€
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 3.50€
Cappuccino (regular) 2.02€
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 1.91€

What do people do in Madrid at night?

The people in Madrid nightlife areas party all night and then spill into cafes for a bite of churros and hot chocolate in the wee hours of the morning before finally calling it a day. Wondering where to go in Madrid at night?

Where are the best places to party in Madrid?

Top 10 Madrid Nightlife Spots. 1 Teatro Kapital. 2 Palacio De Gaviria. 3 Joy Eslava. 4 Sala El Sol. 5 Fabrik. 6 Fábrica Maravillas. 7 La Vía Láctea. 8 La Corolla. 9 ThunderCat Club. 10 Teatro Barceló.

Where to go for nightlife in malasana Madrid?

Another favorite place of the chic neighborhood of Malasaña to enjoy the Madrid nightlife is La Vía Láctea. Once a place of pilgrimage for artists and intellectuals, today this is a hip bar frequented by people of all age groups. The bar has quirky decor and the music from the 1980’s rules here.

What kind of music do they play in Madrid?

The place displays the best of Madrid nightlife where one can enjoy some live performances, jam sessions, and DJ. The music is usually pop and rock. The amazing bands performing live play covers of international bands like The Beatles. Let nostalgia seep into you with the music of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s!