What are the services offered by the COJ?

What are the services offered by the COJ?

We offer a significant menu of online services which will save customers’ time and money:

  • Company and Business Name searches.
  • Company Name approval.
  • Print documents.
  • Document searches.
  • View Company Information Details.
  • Business Name details.
  • View documents online.
  • Letter of good standing.

How do I register a group of companies in Jamaica?

Registering a Local Company In order to access this service, you will need to complete and submit a COMPANIES NAME SEARCH AND NAME RESERVATION FORM (form 6) at the Companies Office of Jamaica. The fee is $ 500.00 for the Name Search and $3000.00 for the Name Reservation. Total Reservation Cost is $3500.00.

Where do I go to register my business?

Most states require you to register with the Secretary of State’s office, a Business Bureau, or a Business Agency.

What is the best business to start in Jamaica?

  • 1- Vacation Rentals. Vacation rentals are a popular business in Jamaica and you can start with the spare rooms in your house.
  • 2- Cleaning.
  • 3- Food Carts/Street Cafes.
  • 4- Delivery Services.
  • 5- Tours.
  • 6- Artisan Crafts.
  • 7- Waste Management.
  • 8- Agriculture.

How much does it cost to start a business in Jamaica?

Registration fee for a company is JA$12,000. Additionally, companies must submit Form 20, which states the Board of Directors, with at the time of registration or 14 days after registration for $4,000, but forms submitted after the end of the 14-day period will cost $6,000.

How do I find a company’s legal name?

Visit: https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov/…California Business Name Search

  1. Select “Corporation Name” or “LP/LLC Name.”
  2. Enter all or part of your business name next to “Search Criteria.”
  3. Filter by keyword, exact match, or “begins with.”
  4. Click “Search.”

What are the documents needed to register a company?

Documents Required for Company Registration

  • Passport.
  • Election Card or Voter Identity Card.
  • Ration Card.
  • Driving License.
  • Electricity Bill.
  • Telephone Bill.
  • Aadhaar Card.

Is the CRIF Information Bureau in Jamaica closed?

In light of the escalating developments with the COVID-19 virus, CRIF Information Bureau Jamaica, is advising that effective Tuesday, August 25, 2020, our offices will be closed to “walk-in customers” until further notice. Flow customers could be boosting their credit score by paying their bills on time.

How to contact Jamaica customs for export permit?

Contact numbers are 923 7641 or 7573912 Complete customs entry, invoice, certificate / permit (where applicable), tally sheet and dispatch form. Contact Jamaica Customs Contraband Enforcement Unit 24 hours before delivering goods to the airline. Contact numbers are 923 7641 or 7573912

How to contact Jamaica customs contraband enforcement unit?

Roasted coffee over 10lbs / 5 kgs. Commercial coconut products (with the intention of generating revenue) including samples. Contact Jamaica Customs Contraband Enforcement Unit 24 hours before loading goods into container. Contact numbers are 923 7641 or 7573912

Where can I find the government of Jamaica portal?

Ministry of Health and Wellness, COVID-19 Self Report, COVID-19 CARE, COVID-19 Dashboard, Donate to the Ministry of Health, Location of Health Hospitals/Clinics by Regional Health Authorities Ministry of Justice, Courts, Know your rights, Jamaican Laws, Bills and Acts, Jury Service, Find a JP