What are the capacity of a 100 ton crane?

What are the capacity of a 100 ton crane?

100-tons (90-tonnes) pick-and-carry capacity at 10ft (3m) radius thru 360°. Sequence-synchronized four-section full power boom of 128ft (39.01m) length. Lattice boom extensions and offsettable jibs for up to 196ft (59.7m) tip height. 350 hp (261kW) diesel engine standard.

How much does a 100 ton Tadano weigh?


Max Lifting Capacity 100 tons
Gross Vehicle Weight 115, 610 lbs
Length 565.9″
Width 130.5″
Height 149.4″

What is Tadano crane?

Tadano Ltd. (株式会社タダノ, Kabushiki-gaisha Tadano) (commonly known as Tadano) is the largest Japan-based manufacturer of cranes and aerial work platforms. The company is one of largest crane manufacturers in the world.

What is load chart of Crane?

A crane load chart helps the operator calculate a crane’s lifting capabilities. This chart ensures that the crane that is under operation does not exceed its lifting capacity. Load charts take into consideration how the lift capacity varies when considering the distance and the angle of the lift.

Where are Tadano cranes manufactured?

Today, Tadano manufactures all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, telescopic boom crawler cranes, aerial work platforms and truck loader cranes and has production facilities in Japan, Germany, Thailand, India and the US.

Where is Tadano cranes made?

2012Establishes Tadano (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand for making loader cranes designed for developing country markets. As the Group products become active worldwide, we are establishing the global production network.

What is crane load chart?

How do you size a crane chart?

Here are some key steps:

  1. Calculate the maximum radius from the center of pin.
  2. Confirm the total weight of the load.
  3. Determine clearance issues, either height under ceiling or overhead obstructions.
  4. Allow for the height of obstructions between crane and load.
  5. Consider the hook height required with lifting equipment.

How much can the strongest crane lift?

The Liebherr LR 13000 is known as the most powerful crane in the world, with a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 t.

What is the world’s tallest crane?

Liebherr LR 13000
What is the tallest crawler crane? Liebherr LR 13000 is able to achieve a maximum height of 248 metres thus being the tallest crawler crane in the world.