What are the best things to do in Stranded Deep?

What are the best things to do in Stranded Deep?

9 Stranded Deep tips to help you start your island survival…

  • Follow the tutorial and take it slow.
  • Save a lot (not just sleep)
  • Craft a Water Still ASAP.
  • Young Palm Trees and Yukka plants grow back.
  • Check for Crown of Thorns Starfish.
  • Don’t eat more than two coconuts in a row.

Is Stranded Deep boring?

With next to no story, Stranded Deep lives and dies on its survival mechanics and the quality of its gameplay. Disappointingly, it’s boring, repetitive, clunky and so very ugly.

What is the purpose of Stranded Deep?

Stranded Deep is a realistic, survival game with a steep learning curve. Players will encounter many hazards while they are marooned in the pacific ocean, from man-eating sharks to food poisoning. With so many things to learn, and so many dangers to navigate, staying alive will require both patience and preparation.

Is Stranded Deep multiplayer?

Multiplayer in Stranded Deep allows two players to play in the same world at the same time.

What is the strongest weapon in Stranded Deep?

Refined Spear – This is an upgraded version of the Crude Spear which is much stronger and more durable than the original.

What should I build first in Stranded Deep?

5 things to… build first in Stranded Deep

  • The Shelter.
  • The Water Still.
  • The Smoker (& Campfire & FirePit)
  • Small hut with a roof.
  • Start your Raft.

Do rafts take damage Stranded Deep?

They won’t cause any damage to the player, but they can quickly and easily destroy or capsize rafts. This could potentially strand players in the middle of the ocean.

Is Stranded Deep like Subnautica?

Stranded Deep is a relatively survival game that deserves to be among genre favorites like Subnautica. But Stranded Deep serves as one of the most robust, realistic and fun survival game experiences in recent memory.

Can you actually beat stranded deep?

Stranded Deep does have an ending, and it involves leaving the island. You eventually find a broken down airplane, and you can fix it in order to make an escape. To be able to leave the island and return to civilization, you need to find the plane part blueprints from the game’s three boss monsters.

What should I build first in stranded deep?

Which is the best seed in Stranded Deep World?

I decided to try the seed 666 just for fun. when I spawned, I found 4 ships around the island. they had great loot including an axe, hammer, machete, flare, bandage, and lable maker. then a bit later, I came upon wollie, an easter egg, that is based of wilson from castaway. this is a great seed, and I recomend you try it out. STOP USING MY SEED!

Where to find Stranded Deep seeds on PS4?

BTW the sun sets in the west but rises in the north-east, weird. 41215510 seed is easy to find around your starter island are some shipwrecks, at one you’ll find a compass. go all the way north and you will find 3 seaports Launch your game today, navigate to where you can find 23301760 seed and you would for sure come back to thank me.

Are there any good seeds on strandeddeep?

Not the one I’m on. Fuck. Sorry for the language but man, I’m 10 days in, still feel like a complete noob and keep finding the most pitiful islands imaginable. Some decent loot from shipwrecks but man, slow going. Edit: I did manage to survive without eating fish for the first ten days though, that was nice. How do you do that.

Where is the code in Stranded Deep seeds?

If you play in a generated world, it has a code consisting of 4 numbers or more, which other players can use to play the same generated world. This code can be read in the main menu at the bottom right of the screen.