What are the best seats at Bell Center?

What are the best seats at Bell Center?

Much like any sporting venue, the best seats at the Centre Bell are center ice, sections 101-102, 112-114 and 124. Please keep in mind the plexiglass height. If you are interested in any of these sections, we recommend purchasing seats for rows D and above to avoid sitting behind the plexiglass.

How many seats does the Centre Bell have?

Centre Bell/Capacity

Is the bell Centre at full capacity?

The Quebec government announced Thursday the lifting of some COVID-19 restrictions, including for the Bell Centre, and the Canadiens can fill all 21,302 seats starting Oct. Until then, the capacity at the Bell Centre will remain at 7,500.

What does upper bowl seating mean?

With bowl seating, there are 77 rows to choose from and these seats are reserved for university students. The lower bowl consists of rows 1 to 25 while upper bowl consists of rows 28 to 55 and 56 to 77. The 10 level sections range from Section 1 to 28 where each section has rows A-K and 77 seats each.

What is the Coors Light Zone bell Centre?

The ends of the 400 section are further divided into two more groups. At the end where the Canadiens shoot towards twice is the Coors Light Zone, featuring section cheerleaders and a band playing in the hallway. At the opposite end is the Family Zone, which features child-specific ticket prices and limited alcohol.

Why is it called the Bell Center?

The name of the arena initially reflected Molson, Inc., a brewing company which was owner of the Canadiens at the time. Molson elected not to keep the naming rights when they sold the team and the name was officially changed on September 1, 2002, after Bell Canada acquired the naming rights.

What are the best seats in the forum?

Arguably the best seats in the house, the Floor Level Sections are typically the closest seats you can get for L.A. Forum concerts. General Admission options work on a first come, first-served basis. Fans who arrive early have the best chance to get right in front of all the action on stage.

How old is the Bell Centre in Montreal?

25c. 1996
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Where are the seats in the Fargodome?

If you’re planning to visit Fargodome in Fargo, you’ll want to make sure you have great seats. Get acquainted with Fargodome by using our seating chart below. This seating map features a complete layout of Fargodome seats and the locations of different ticket tiers.

Is the Centre Bell a meeting or show place?

As a meeting and show place, the Centre Bell offers a wide range of world-class installations and services. Try one of our special event configurations on for size. The Centre Bell has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind.

What does general admission mean at Fargodome?

General Admission – Areas designated as General Admission mean that seats are not assigned particularly to a customer. This area is available on a first come, first served basis to those with General Admission tickets. General Admission areas for some concerts are standing only, and do not offer chairs.

Where is the Green Room at Centre Bell?

Performers also give the Centre Bell layout high marks, with their own private access to the parking area leading directly to the Loges and backstage area. The Green Room, next to the Loges, makes it easy for stars and promoters to receive guests and members of the media in a secure, comfortable surrounding.