Was Sophie the Giraffe recalled?

Was Sophie the Giraffe recalled?

Parents of little ones, be sure to check your toy box because there’s been a recall of the Sophie la Giraffe Bead Maze. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the wooden triangle shape piece fails to meet the mandatory federal standard for small parts, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Do I need to sterilize Sophie the Giraffe?

In accordance with what is written on the product packaging, we do not recommend sterilising Sophie la girafe. Known sterilisation methods require partial or full immersion of the product in a sterilising solution (boiling water or water with a sterilisation tablet) that could damage it.

Why does every baby have Sophie the Giraffe?

Sophie sales match or surpass annual birth rates. So when French expatriate Hélène Dumoulin-Montgomery gave birth to her daughter in California in 2000, she looked for a toy Sophie for her baby like the one she’d had as a child. Sophie wasn’t sold in the US at the time.

Why is Sophie La Giraffe so expensive?

So why does it cost so much? Sophie has been French mothers go-to teething toy since 1961. The toy is made in France rather than in China, and is made with natural rubber rather than plastic. That means the product costs more to make and is relatively expensive around the globe — but that hasn’t stopped its popularity.

When should I introduce Sophie the giraffe?

around 3 months
Most parents find that as their infant begins to discover their own hands and starts putting them in their mouth (at around 3 months of age), they will begin enjoying Sophie la girafe. It is this 3 month mark that Vulli recommends as most suitable for the baby to start using Sophie.

Is Sophie the Giraffe toxic?

“The fact that it is black has nothing to do with its level of toxicity.” The odds of infants or toddlers chewing on the Sophie toys with their mouths directly over the holes and pressing hard enough to aerosolize the mold and squirt it directly into their mouths is virtually impossible, Dr. Carl said.

Is Sophie the Giraffe safe for teething?

Well, we have more bad news: Sophie the Giraffe isn’t safe either. Recent reports from parents reveal people have found mold growing inside of the popular toddler teething toy. If you have a drooly baby, moisture will get in the hole and you’ll end up with mold!” says Amazon user Stephanie Opera.

Is the Sophie la Girafe a good gift for a baby?

With the shape of a giraffe, it gives a great grip for babies to relieve the pain of their front teeth or molars coming through their gums. A great gifting option for toddlers, the Sophie La Girafe will work great with the little ones. .

What kind of rubber is Sophie la Girafe made of?

Made from 100% natural rubber and still “traditionally” produced for more than 50 years, Sophie la girafe is Baby’s first toy stimulating each of his senses.

Do you need more than one Sophie the giraffe?

One baby, one Sophie! It is normal for the food-grade dye to fade overtime with use. You don’t need anything but Sophie the giraffe. I was given one by twenty different moms.

Where did Sophie the giraffe teether come from?

Made by hand in France since 1961, this famous teether is ideal for toddlers since its long arms and legs can reach all the way back to the molars. Made by hand in France since 1961, this famous teether is ideal for toddlers since its long arms and legs can reach all the way back t…