Top 5 torrent sites of Canada 2020

Top 5 torrent sites of Canada 2020

Many of you have used a torrent site to download a file or movie? But how many of you know what a Torrent file is and how it functions.

It works differently than a simple download form a website.

A torrent file contains Metadata about the file name, size, and the list of trackers. It is a common misconception that a Torrent file contains the entire data to be downloaded, but the fact is that it contains the details about the file type, size of the data to be downloaded, and location of the data files. These files come with an extension .torrent and have file size ranging from 32 KB to 16 MB. The files are used to widely distribute large data over the Internet.

While we are in the mid of 2020, it is obvious that all those bittorrent fans are looking for the best torrent sites 2020. Several websites claim to offer a better experience for torrent sites – but the immediate question would be, Is it safe? Does it work? So how do you choose the right one for you, which can help to download the file without being caught into the hacker’s web?

Downloading a file via the torrent site is illegal. However, you will have to make sure that the file to be downloaded is copyright free.

This article recommends the Top 5 torrent sites of Canada 2020, which are safe and reliable.

The Pirate Bay – Alexa Rank (314)

It is one of the most popular torrent sites globally and crowned as the best site of 2020. The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 and is the oldest torrent site on the internet. However, it has undergone several shutdowns and seizures, but they have managed to emerge out every time with a new web address and a different domain name. During their shutdown in 2014, the police had seized all their equipment and computers, which resulted in a prolonged downtime of their websites. Like every time, they have come up with a new logo (Phoenix) representing their arise from the ashes.

The Pirate Bay is well known for its diversified collection of ebooks, movies, games, TV shows, software, songs, etc. They have a user-friendly interface to access their index. A unique skull system has been adopted to identify the genuine and trusted uploaders eradicating the helpers.

The website is a freeware and you can download the files without any registration. You can choose to stream the torrent directly or via a magnet link.

RARBG – Alexa rank (714)

It was founded in 2008 and is currently a working torrent site providing access to thousands of torrent files. The website does not offer a modern look but it does provide high-quality videos, music, and game files. It also has a simple user interface and a filter to help you find the required torrent files. It gives you the flexibility to view the poster of the torrent file on the search results page before you start downloading the file.

All the basic information related to IMDb rating, cast, year, and genre is available with the torrent file. You can also find a separate webpage or blog section providing the trailers for various upcoming movies and TV shows. It also provides a list of top 10 downloads under various categories to give an insight to the user about the trends.

It is free for use and downloading torrent files. This website is blocked in many countries like England, UAE, Australia, Ireland, etc.

Torrentz2 – Alexa rank (1418)

It is the newest alternative to the original torrent site ( that was shut in 2016. Torrentz was the 2nd most popular torrent search engines over the internet in 2012. Torrentz2 can also be called a clone of the Torrentz website which has served as a metasearch engine for Bit torrent. The clone is almost a duplicate of the original Torrentz including the retention of the old minimalist interface. It is a torrent search engine and helps you find torrents on other torrent sites. Similar to Google working principle, it also provides an index of various torrent files from around 90+ popular torrent sites. If you are lost or don’t know form where to start, you can visit the MyTorrentz section to find out the list of safe and verified torrents under multiple categories.

It heavily focuses on music and it wouldn’t be surprising to see old songs with good seeders.

1337X – Alexa Rank (327)

This is one of the best torrent sites that provides torrent files and magnet links by using P2P sharing or bit torrent protocol. Founded in 2007, it gained popularity after the shutdown of the Kickass torrents. The owners are very concerned about the aesthetics of the website and have recently enhanced the layout with new functions and also eliminated a few security risks. Following the complaint by Feelgood entertainment in 2015, it is banned from showing up in Google SERP. They have moved from .pl to the new domain .to to avoid getting blocked from several sites. However, you can manually type the address in the address bar and access the site.

Apart from browsing the movies, songs, games, documents, it also offers trending torrent lists and top 100 torrents. It allows playing a torrent file and permits anonymous downloads. It allows you to access the torrents from the popular torrent site such as Lime torrents, Kickass, The Pirate Bay, etc.

YTS – Alexa Rank (275)

If you want to download high-quality movies, YTS comes to your rescue. It is a torrent site which is primarily for movie enthusiast and does not have torrents related to other categories. The layout and interface are quite simple and have thousands of movie torrents making it popular amongst the movie lovers.

It also provides you with screenshots and trailers of the movie torrent and will show similar movies list for reference. You can get the movie torrents in various video qualities. For example, 720p, 1080p, 4K. You can also share torrent files on social media websites.

The download of movies is free, and you can also find all the details and reviews about the movie.