Is there an English KanColle?

Is there an English KanColle?

You may now have an English Interface in the game through the New Interface Option on Bottom Right of screen (where Volume is as well), and choose the Last Option “三式改” (Type 3 Kai) to activate the English Interface.

Which Anime is miiro from?

Color of the Sea (海色(みいろ)Kaishoku (Miiro)) is the Kantai Collection Anime opening theme single, performed by AKINO from bless4.

How do I download KanColle to my computer?

Kantai Collection – KanColle

  1. Download VPN from Playstore (ex: Tunnelbear, Betternet)
  2. Download the DMM Appstore from
  3. Turn on your VPN (set to Japan) and open DMM Appstore (DMM Appstore need you to use Japan VPN)
  4. Search for Kancolle Android and download it.

Where is Ai no scenario from?

Original Song Information Ai no Scenario (アイのシナリオ, Scenario of Love) is a song covered by Afterglow. It was one of the challenge songs for the event Boppin’♪ Down The Hallway. It was originally sung by CHiCO, produced by HoneyWorks, and used as the second opening theme for the anime Magic Kaito 1412.

Where is the song miiro from?

Miiro (海色, Color of Sea) is a song covered by Roselia. It was originally sung by AKINO from bless4 and used as the opening theme for Kantai Collection’s anime adaptation. It was one of the challenge songs for the event Hopeful Session. The full version of the song is included in the album BanG Dream!

Do you need VPN for KanColle?

VPN or Proxy Note that VPN/Proxy is only required during login (the real gadget server will be accessed via a Japanese IP address) and can be disabled afterward (game servers do not require a Japanese IP). The site can also be used to check your apparent IP address and location.

How do I connect to KanColle?

KanColle Android Users:

  1. Use a VPN/Proxy app of your choice to connect to a Japan IP.
  2. Open KanColle Android App, log into the game.
  3. Disconnect your VPN and play as per usual (If disconnect, repeat from #1)