Is there an alternate ending to the movie 1408?

Is there an alternate ending to the movie 1408?

There are three endings to this film. In addition to the ending that appears in the theatrical release (also the default ending of the DVD), two other alternate endings were shot.

What happened at the end of the movie 1408?

The ending that was originally shot for the film has Mike dying in a fire that destroys room 1408. This ending, which is dubbed the director’s cut, ends with a look inside of what remains of room 1408, where a ghostly Mike smokes a cigarette and walks off to reunite with his daughter.

Does 1408 Have a good ending?

It’s certainly not a happy ending, but at least Mike survived. In the director’s cut, original ending, Mike succeeds in destroying the room but dies in the process. Lily is left emotionally shattered, and Olin sees a terrifying vision of Mike’s burnt corpse, as well as Mike’s daughter Katie.

What was Stephen King’s first short story?

The Glass Floor
King sold his first professional short story, “The Glass Floor”, to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967.

Who are the ghosts in 1408?

He has acquired various physical and psychological problems stemming from his brief stay in the room. He notes to himself (as Olin expressed earlier) that there are no ghosts in 1408, because ghosts were once merely humans, while the entity he encountered was horrifically inhuman.

What was room 1408 based off of?

Loosely based on parapsychologist Christopher Chacon’s investigation of room 3327 at the Hotel Del Coronado, 1408 is the quiet, unassuming, devious booby trap of the haunted house genre. King wrote the short story as a writing exercise to illustrate his process.

Is 1408 connected to The Shining?

No, it’s not “The Shining.” The film in question is “1408,” so named because the room in which the aforementioned writer stays is No. 1408. When he gets an anonymous postcard featuring New York’s Dolphin Hotel and telling him to avoid Room 1408, naturally he decides he must hit the Big Apple and stay in that room.