Is Slimjet any good?

Is Slimjet any good?

Slimjet is an amazing browser—faster, more stable, and more customizable than anything out there. Slimjet is one of the best browsers I’ve ever used. It’s a Chromium fork but it’s better than big names, because it’s more flexible, more customizable and has a lot of good features.

Is Slimjet com safe to download?

Is Slimjet browser safe? Yes, Slimjet is safe to use, but if you want enhanced security, you might want to use Opera because it has a built-in VPN.

What is FlashPeak Slimjet?

SlimBrowser is a tabbed multiple-site web browser from FlashPeak, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company. It formerly used the Microsoft Trident layout engine. FlashPeak also makes the cross-platform browser SlimJet which uses Chromium.

Is Slimjet open source?

Slimjet is a web browser based on Chromium project. However, Slimjet is NOT open source. As the name indicates, Slimjet focuses on speed and is slimmer (lightweight). It provides added functionalities on the top of the Chromium browser.

What is the best browser without ads?

The Best 1 of 10 Options Why?

Best Android web browsers with built-in ad blocking Price Browser Engine
90 Bromite free Blink
75 Brave Blink
— Kiwi 0
— Firefox Gecko, Webkit on iOS(since Apple does not allow third party web engines)

Is AdBlock good or bad?

Ad blockers are helpful for a number of reasons. They: Remove distracting ads, making pages easier to read. Make web pages load faster.

What should I know about the Slimjet browser?

The bottom line is that Slimjet really has a lot to offer both in terms of functionality, utility and customization options.

How to install SlimJet browser on Linux Mint?

Download Slimjet. If you are using Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS or Linux Lite, just double click on the .deb file to install Slimjet. Using Slimjet. I have tested Slimjet in Linux Mint 17.3 64bit. When you first run Slimjet, it immediately gives you the option to install ad-blocker.

How can I change the speed of SlimJet?

On the new tab page, there is a search bar where you can choose which search engine to use (you can’t choose the search engine with Opera’s Speed Dial) and below are a number of tiles with different sites. The tiles are fully customizable as you can change their size, number, colors and, of course, the sites that they represent.

What kind of operating system do I need for Slimjet?

Slimjet is free for both personal and commerical use. Q: What are the system requirements of Slimjet? The latest version of Slimjet is compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later, Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.1+, or Fedora Linux 21+.