Is Ongka a big man?

Is Ongka a big man?

Ongka is a charismatic big-man of the Kawelka tribe who live scattered in the Western highlands, north of Mount Hagen, in Papua New Guinea. The film focuses on the motivations and efforts involved in organising a big ceremonial gift-exchange or moka planned to take place sometime in 1974.

What makes Ongka the big man?

Ongka is a “bigman,” a leader of a Kwelka tribe in New Guinea where a man’s authority and prestige are are derived in large part by his ability to organize a lavish “moka,” or gift-giving. The moka is an elaborate system of gifts which forges alliances and maintains peace among the tribes.

How big is the Kawelka tribe?

a thousand people
06:40 NARRATOR The Kawelka are a small tribe about a thousand people.

What happened to Ongka’s big moka?

His speech-making skills throughout the film show how important it is to persuade people to work together. By the time the filmmakers were to leave New Guinea, Ongka’s big moka was postponed due to the accused sorcery to kill another tribe’s Big Man.

What is the big man system?

A big man is a highly influential individual in a tribe, especially in Melanesia and Polynesia. Such a person may not have formal tribal or other authority (through for instance material possessions, or inheritance of rights), but can maintain recognition through skilled persuasion and wisdom.

What is a Moka ceremony?

The Moka is a highly ritualized system of exchange in the Mount Hagen area, Papua New Guinea, that has become emblematic of the anthropological concepts of “gift economy” and of “Big man” political system. Moka are reciprocal gifts of pigs through which social status is achieved.

What happens when the big man in the neighboring tribe dies?

The Big Man of another tribe died and Ongka’s tribe was blamed for his death. This was resolved by Ongka sending a peace gift. Ongka’s tribe members were not participating in moka and Ongka resolved this by giving them inspirational speeches.

What is Moka and why does ONKA want to give it?

In Ongka’s Big Moka, what is moka? Moka are gifts given to members of different tribes that they plan on repaying and are very important to these people. The size of a moka can bring the big man of a tribe fame and success.

What does Ongka get for pulling off his big moka?

When the Moka finally did occur, it comprised a huge gift of 600 pigs, $10,000 Australian dollars, 12 cassowaries, eight cows, a motorbike and a pick-up truck. In his speech at the Moka, Ongka says, “Now that I have given you these things, I have won. I have knocked you down by giving so much.”

What does it mean when a girl calls you big man?

bigman. A very large, important, man. One who has many friends and great luck in the sexual world.

What are the characteristics of Melanesian big man?

What is the function of a Moka in Kawelka society?