Is Jason Winters still alive?

Is Jason Winters still alive?

Deceased (1930–2004)
Jason Winters/Living or Deceased

Who is Sir Jason Winters?

A terminal cancer patient given just three months to live, Jason Winters refused major surgery and traveled the world in search of an herbal remedy. He achieved remission and shares his experiences for the benefit of cancer patients and others seeking to avoid this dreaded illness.

When was Sir Jason Winters born?

Written by an Englishman, born in India in 1865, the poem is relevant today. I have read this many times throughout my life. My Son, J, Raymond Winters III will be 12 in May.

Does Jason Winters tea have caffeine?

Jason Winters Classic Blend bulk 5 oz tea contains NO caffeine. Jason Winters tea bags and pre-brewed tea, which contain Oolong or Green Tea, contain a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine. 4% by dry weight caffeine content.

What is in Jason Winters tea?

Jason Winters Green Tea Contains: Green Tea Leaf, Red Clover Tops, Indian Sage Leaf and Herbalene® Blend (special spice). The modern world has discovered the many benefits of Green Tea. For centuries, this lightly processed “gift from mother earth” has been the esteemed drink of emperors.

What is Herbalene blend?

Jason Winters’s Original Blend is a delicious natural tea blend of red clover, Indian sage and the trademark Herbalene® Blend spices or special spices on a base of oolong tea. This medicinal tea is available in a: Box of 20 tea bags. 4oz.

What are the benefits of Jason Winters tea?

Indian sage is a great immune booster, helping the body fight off infections and cancerous cell growth. In addition, this herb can also help with intestinal/digestive issues and act as a blood cleanser. It’s no wonder that Sir Jason Winters decided to include this herb in his tea.

How do you use Jason Winters tea?

For our loose leaf teas, place the desired amount of tea within a tea ball or tea sack for about 15 minutes. Our herbal tea bags don’t need to be steeped nearly as long thanks to our manufacturing process. You can enjoy a cup of Sir Jason Winters Original formula tea in just a couple of minutes or as long as you wish.

What is roasted dandelion tea good for?

Dandelion tea is an excellent source of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that stimulates the heartbeat. Potassium may help the kidney filter toxins more effectively and improve blood flow. The polysaccharides in dandelion are known to reduce stress on the liver and support its ability to produce bile.

What’s in Jason Winters tea?

Important information. Red Clover, Chaparral, Oolong Tea Leaf, Herbalene® Blend (special spice). Naturally occurring caffeine. Place one tea bag in a cup of hot water and steep for 1-2 minutes.

What herbs are in Jason Winters tea?

Red Clover Flowers, Gotu Kola Herb, Indian Sage Leaf & Special Spices (Herbaline Blend).

Is it OK to drink dandelion tea everyday?

According to Keene, many people drink dandelion tea daily (with some drinking it up to four times per day). “[Drinking dandelion tea] any time of day is completely fine because it is caffeine-free, but there are two times of the day I would recommend not having it,” instructs Ross.