Is it better to type or handwrite notes?

Is it better to type or handwrite notes?

A common question people ask is whether you should write notes by hand or type them up on a computer. In short, studies generally show that writing notes by hand allows you to remember the material better than typing it.

How do you take good pictures of handwritten notes?

The steps are:Copy this layer. Blur it, use Gaussian, maybe 50 to 100 px radius. Set the compositing mode of the “blur” layer to divide. Final steps are routine image enhancements: mild small-radius unsharp filtering to sharpen the writing, and adjust levels so the page is white and writing is dark gray or black.

Why are handwriting notes better?

A study found students who wrote notes performed better on tests than those that typed. If you want to learn better, handwriting your notes is the way to go. It leads to better memory, stronger conceptual learning and comprehension. In short, there is more cognitive processing with hand writing.

How do you write neat and pretty?

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How do you write a good comment?

Top ten tips for writing a great commentRead the article. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many comments can be answered with the words “it says in the article”.Respond to the article. … Read the other comments. Make it clear who you’re replying to. Use the return key. Avoid sarcasm. Avoid unnecessary acronyms. Use facts.

How do you write a fancy number?

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