Is Golfshot Plus worth it?

Is Golfshot Plus worth it?

There are several versions of Golfshot in the App Store, so look for “Golfshot: Golf GPS” to get the version reviewed here. Overall, Golfshot is an extremely useful, accurate, and fun-to-use app with stats and features that provide useful insights for any golf game.

What is the difference between Golfshot Plus and Golfshot Pro?

Pro is an optional upgrade in the Golfshot GPS and Golfshot Plus apps. Since Plus members pay $99.99 to download the app, they get pro for a discount. Pro features include: Real-time distances to all key hazards/targets.

Is Golfshot app compatible with Apple Watch?

Fully compatible with your Apple Watch, you can track, score and change clubs with just the touch of your watch! With this new feature you can also review all of your tracked shots.

Does Golfshot work with Apple Watch Series 3?

In version 3.14 and 5.14 of Golfshot and Golfshot Plus we’ve added the ability to enable “Workout Mode” on Apple Watch Series 2 and 3. This allows for the Apple Watch to keep the GPS active even when Golfshot isn’t on the screen – enabling quicker GPS updates when returning to Golfshot.

Does Golfshot cost money?

$49.99 USD/Year or $8.99 USD/Month.

Is Golfshot app accurate?

If you’re looking for a GPS unit and you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you should definitely consider Golfshot. Yes, there are free GPS apps, but with the one-time price and no annual fee, you get access to a polished, accurate, easy-to-use app with a robust feature set and a continually updated course database.

How do I connect my Apple Watch to golfshot?

Golfshot Support: Keeping Golfshot Active on Apple Watch

  1. Turn all settings ON in the first section.
  2. In the “ON TAP” section, set to “Wake for 70 Seconds”.
  3. In the “ON SCREEN RAISE SHOW LAST APP” section, select “Always”.
  4. In the “RETURN TO LAST SESSION APP” section, Turn Golfshot ON.

How do you keep third party apps active on your Apple watch rather than returning to the clock?

Luckily, there’s a simple fix for those who would rather have third-party apps stay in the foreground. On the Apple Watch, users can open the Settings app, then select General, and then Activate on Wrist Raise. Scroll down to Resume To and switch the checked item to Last Used App.

How do you keep golfshot running on Apple Watch?

Launch the Golfshot app > Settings > GPS, Scoring, Caddie > Turn Auto-Advance to Next Hole OFF. If you are playing without your iPhone, just turn Bluetooth back on at the end of the round and your scores will sync to your iPhone.

How do you keep third-party apps active on your Apple watch rather than returning to the clock?

What is golfshot golfplan?

Golfplan takes all of the golf instruction features available in Golfshot and mirrors them in the new, standalone app. Golfplan is only available for iOS at the moment. Improve on nine areas of your game: Approach Shots, Bunker Play, Chip & Pitch, Driving, Faults & Fixes, Golf Fitness, Practice, Putting, and Strategy.