Is fishing allowed at Rietvlei Dam?

Is fishing allowed at Rietvlei Dam?

Freshwater Fishing (Angling) No canoes or baitboats are allowed. Fish caught in Rietvlei dam include catfish, yellowfish, carp and Tilapia. 06:00 to 18:00, every day of the week. Entrance through the angling gate on Nellmapius road.

Do you need a fishing license at Rietvlei Dam?

Fishermen have to be licenced with a valid freshwater fishing permit obtainable from CapeNature.

How safe is Rietvlei Dam?

Pretoria and Centurion’s drinking water is pumped from this dam and distributed via a water purification plant to a water network, so this water can be regarded as reasonably safe, provided that all water filtering and purifying equipment works as it should.

Is there crocodiles in Rietvlei Dam?

Despite the presence of both crocodile and hippo at the Rietvlei Dam, the race, hosted by Centurion Canoe Club, never fails to attract a large crowd as the paddlers enjoy company on the five laps around the massive dam.

How do I book Rietvlei Nature Reserve?

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

  1. Further information or bookings: 012 358 1810/1/2.
  2. Angling area: 012 480 9944 / 012 480 9945.
  3. Directions. From the R21 take the IRENE RIETVLEI DAM off-ramp. Drive in an easterly direction, at the first 4-way stop street turn right towards Olifantsfontein and the St Georges Hotel.

Can you fish at Berg River Dam?

Berg River: rainbow trout above Franschhoek; and smallmouth bass and carp above Paarl. Other parts of the river contain carp, Mozambique tilapia, sharptooth catfish and smallmouth bass.

How full is Rietvlei Dam?

The Rietvlei dam is an earth-fill type dam and is one of a number of dams supplying water to the Pretoria region of South Africa. It supplies around 41 million liters of drinking water daily, about 5.9% of the water requirement of Pretoria….

Rietvlei Dam
Impounds Rietvlei River
Height 32 m
Length 350 m

What animals does Rietvlei Nature Reserve?

Cheetah, blesbuck, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, eland, common zebra, waterbuck, reedbuck, springbuck, mountain reedbuck, steenbok, grey duiker, oribi, leopard, buffalo, and hippopotamus can all be found in the reserve.

Can you hike in Rietvlei Nature Reserve?

Rietvlei Nature Reserve offers a 10km (4 hour) day walk (10-15 people) and a 21km (2 day) overnight hike (6-8 people). starting Friday afternoon and ending Sunday afternoon. Facilities include two overnight huts with beds, mattresses, hot/cold water, limited cooking utensils and firewood.

Is there a camping area at Rietvlei Dam?

There is a large stretch of shoreline available for camping at Rietvlei Dam. As you drive in by the gate you turn left immediately, drive around the bend and you’ll see the first ablution block. From there to the end of the road is the camping fishing area.

When is the best time to catch fish at Rietvlei Dam?

Time of day – In general the carp at Rietvlei Dam seem to be more active at night, and very early morning. That’s when most fish are caught. Distance – This is a hot topic since most locals will tell you to always go very deep, over 150m (hence all the baitboats). But we’ve been hearing of nice fish being caught much shallower.

What kind of bait does Rietvlei Dam use?

Jerkbaits – We’ve had limited success with jerkbaits, the grass again a factor, but we’ve seen many other anglers do well when fishing these fairly fast (not our style). Less productive – Other baits have proven to be less successful for us, these include spinnerbaits, jigs etc.

What kind of facilities are there at Rietvlei?

Other facilities: Toilet and braai facilities. Species of fish: Carp, yellow fish, catfish, and kurper. Other information: No canoes, boats or bait boats are allowed on the water. No swimming! Only permit holders may enter. Permits may be obtained at the angling gate. Entrance through the angling gate.