Is EcoSport outdated?

Is EcoSport outdated?

EcoSport, which has been one of the more successful Made-in-India models from the US-based carmaker now faces exit from some of the other markets too. According to reports, Ford EcoSport is now all set to be discontinued in the United States as well.

What is wrong with the Ford EcoSport?

Ford EcoSport problem counts by year Commonly found issues in the Ford EcoSport include sticky brakes, shuddering issues, and a low MPG.

Is EcoSport still worth buying in 2021?

Ford EcoSport is a Driver’s Car! If you are the one who loves power and takes it as a bonus if a subcompact SUV provides you with that power, be sure of fact that EcoSport is definitely your thing! It offers great driveability, power, performance and of course, a very good road presence comes along!

Is EcoSport good for long drives?

The big tank of the EcoSport makes it a car to be taken on long drives. Brakes lack bite under hard braking. A bit slow at times, but the system has a myriad features, and it sounds really good. India’s first compact SUV lives up to its billing as our Car of the Year.

Should I buy EcoSport in 2021?

The Ford EcoSport offers an excellent ride quality, and along with that, the plush nature comes as icing on the cake. The plush interior which is accompanied by an extremely comfortable ride quality makes it a must-buy even in today’s competitive market.

Is Ford EcoSport Titanium Plus discontinued?

As far as the diesels go, Ford has axed the Titanium+ and Thunder variants. The company has also slashed prices of two variants of the diesel EcoSport – the Trend by Rs 35,000 and the top-spec S by Rs 24,000. Prices for the Ambiente and Titanium variant remain the same as before.

Is Ford EcoSport a good car to buy?

All Ford EcoSport Reviews Smooth driving, luxury car looking so good, value for money, good performance and excellent service low cost service cost, good maintenance and maintenance cost is very low, excellent car in India.