Is against all odds a idiom?

Is against all odds a idiom?

Meaning Of Idiom ‘Against All Odds’ Against all odds means despite many difficulties, setbacks, opposition, or seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

How do you use against the odds?

Example sentences ā€” Against the odds, I beat the number one ranked player today. ā€” I really admire how Lindsey Vonn came back against all odds to win another skiing championship. ā€” My mother had me when she was 52. The pregnancy was against the odds but 25 years later, my mom and I are both perfectly healthy.

What is a summary of against the odds?

Against The Odds is a documentary about the resistance in Nazi concentration camps. It tells the largely unknown story of the people who were strong enough to fight back even in the hell that was inside the camps.

What does it mean for the odds to be against you?

If you say that the odds are against something or someone, you mean that they are unlikely to succeed. He reckons the odds are against the plan going ahead. See full dictionary entry for odds.

What does against all logic mean?

: despite the logical or sensible thing to do She kept the dog, against all logic, after it attacked her.

How do you use all odds?

If something should happen or be true by all odds the facts about it show that it should happen or be true. This strategy is by all odds the one most likely to succeed.

What is the main idea of against the odds?

What is the central idea of against the odds?

In this award-winning novel, Kiki’s father heads off on his annual trip to volunteer as a doctor in war zones. Kiki’s worst fears are realised when her father goes missing. However, Kiki’s mother has explained the concept of odds to her and how ‘sometimes’ you can make the odds of something happening smaller or bigger.

What’s another word for odds?

What is another word for odds?

chances likelihood
probability balance
feasibility percentage
plausibility chance
conceivability likeliness

What does stack the odds mean?

: to make it more likely for someone to win, succeed, etc. There are things you can do to stack the odds in your favor.

What does the expression beat all odds mean?

: to succeed despite not having a good chance of succeeding Most new restaurants fail, but this one somehow managed to beat the odds.

What does the phrase “Against All Odds” mean?

The phrase ‘Against all odds’ means despite very low probability; in a most unlikely way. Example of use: “She managed to win the trophy against all odds.”

What is another way of saying ‘Against All Odds’?

Need synonyms for against all odds? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Idiom. Against the odds. against the odds. defying the odds. against stiff competition. despite everything. despite resistance.

What would you do if all odds are against you?

When the odds are against you, don’t go against it. Fighting the current will not help you stay afloat; you can even drown in your situation. It’s probably best to ride with the tides ’cause the flow of life has its way of pushing you into or out of certain phases.

What does odds are against you mean?

Definition of ‘odds are against’. odds are against. phrase. If you say that the odds are against something or someone, you mean that they are unlikely to succeed. He reckons the odds are against the plan going ahead.