Is 3000toys com a legit website?

Is 3000toys com a legit website?

3000 toys always has the best and biggest selection of diecast with great prices. I would highly recommend 3000 toys to anyone looking to buy diecast toys at a great price, with fast shipping, and customer service you can count on. keep up the great job 3000 toys.

What is 3000toys com? – Collectible Diecast Models and Toys.

What is a 1/18 scale car?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 1:18 scale diecast replicas are 1/18th the size of the real vehicle. Most popular in this category are 1:18 scale automobile replicas – usually made out of Zamak zinc diecasting alloy with plastic parts. “1:18 scale” is the colloquial reference to this class of toy or replica.

How big is a 1/64 scale model?

2.5-3 inches
Understanding Scale

Diecast Scale Approximate Size
1/24 Scale 6.5-8 inches / 16-20 cm
1/32 Scale 4-6 inches / 10-15 cm
1/43 Scale 3.5-5 inches / 8-12 cm
1/64 Scale 2.5-3 inches / 6-7.5 cm

What size is a 1/18 scale?

The scale size 1:18 is one of the biggest size of scale model cars and is DNA Collectibles most popular scale. How big is 1 18? Model cars in this scale are between 10 (250 mm) and 12 (300 mm) inches in length, and by definition, it is said that it is 18 times smaller than a car.

What does a scale of 1 50 mean?

If the scale of a metric drawing is 1:50, every unit that you measure on the drawing translates into 50 units in the actual room. You could measure with a normal ruler (metric or inches) and multiply the measurement by the scale.

Where can I find 3000toys on YouTube? – YouTube Serving diecast collectors like you since 1995. Serving diecast collectors like you since 1995.

How much can I save on

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What kind of car is a 3000toy?

Coming in fast and first is the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 with opening doors and a hood that opens to reveal a detailed engine, in either Red or Dark Aqua Metallic with a Semi-Gloss Black Stripe. Not far behind is the 1969 Chevy… This is an old build, some of you have most likely seen it on another forum…