How wide is independent 129?

How wide is independent 129?

Raw silver colorway. Independent truck sizing is 129. Hanger is 127mm wide best suited for boards 7.5″ to 8.0″ wide. Axle is 7.6″.

What is a 129 truck size?

Independent and Thunder both use the metric system to name truck size, for example, ‘129’ which refers to the hanger width in mm. 129 Independent trucks are the same size as a 5.0″ hanger truck.

How wide are independent 149?

Independent Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Truck Size Axle Width (in) Skateboard Deck Width (in)
149 8.5 8.375 – 8.6
159 8.75 8.6 – 9
169 9.125 9 – 9.5
215 10 9.5 – 10.5

What size trucks should I get for a 8.125 deck?

In general, we would recommend choosing a truck with an axle width that’s exactly the same width as your deck. A margin of +/- 0.125″ is totally okay. So, for a deck that is 8″ wide trucks an axle width from 7.875″ – 8.125″ are ideal.

What truck size do I need?

Skate Truck Size to Skate Deck Size Guide by Brand

Size Actual Axle Length Recommended Deck Size
6.0 8.625″ 8.5″ and over
129 7.75″ 7.4″ – 7.75″
139 8″ 7.75″ – 8.25″
149 8.5″ 8.25″ – 8.75″

How do I know what size my truck is independent?

The general consensus is to match the axle width as close to your deck width as possible, use the above chart to get the correct size if you don’t already have a personal preference. Good news if you ride a 8.25″ wide deck, Independent now have the perfect size for you, the 144.

Are soft wheels good for street skating?

We recommend choosing hard wheels for skate parks and street skating on ledges, rails, gaps and manual pads. Soft wheels are best for cruising, transportation and longboarding. Medium durometer wheels are great for beginners and for street skating on rough surfaces.

Should I get hard or soft bushings?

Softer bushings are easier for your hanger to compress, and therefore it is easier to turn on softer bushings. Harder bushings result in stiffer turns. Importantly, how tight or loose you keep your bushings also effects your skateboard’s turn responsiveness. Harder bushings result in stiffer turns.