How warm is it in Charleston SC in March?

How warm is it in Charleston SC in March?

The daily maximum temperature in Charleston in March averages 70°F (21°C), with the lowest daily highs being around 46-54°F (8-12°C), up to around 82-86°F (28-30°C) on the warmest days.

Is March a good time to visit Charleston SC?

The best time to visit Charleston is from March to May or from September to November when temperatures are mild – but not stifling. Hotel rates, however, will be high, especially around Easter.

Is Charleston SC warm in March?

Charleston Weather in March: The climate starts to get warmer in March as the average high temperature increases to 70°F (21°C). Average high and average low temperatures range between 76°F (25°C) and 53°F (12°C). In May, Charleston receives the most sunshine out of the year at 323 hours.

Is it rainy in Myrtle Beach in March?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during March in Myrtle Beach is gradually decreasing, starting the month at 3.7 inches, when it rarely exceeds 6.4 inches or falls below 1.7 inches, and ending the month at 3.2 inches, when it rarely exceeds 5.8 inches or falls below 1.2 inches.

How cold is South Carolina in March?

Daily high temperatures increase by 6°F, from 65°F to 71°F, rarely falling below 54°F or exceeding 79°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 7°F, from 48°F to 55°F, rarely falling below 36°F or exceeding 65°F.

Can you swim in Charleston in March?

March. March is a great time to visit Folly Beach. With an average high of 62 degrees and low of 52 degrees, the water temperatures may not be warm enough to swim in, but you can throw on a wetsuit and catch some waves.

Is it cold in Myrtle Beach in March?

In most years, Myrtle Beach averages a daily maximum temperature for March that’s between 62 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 20 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 39 and 45 °F (4 to 7 °C). But March only rarely gets as cold as 20 °F (-8 °C).

Is South Carolina warm in March?

March Temperature & Weather Guide As spring sets in, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina welcomes increasingly comfortable temperatures and sunny skies. March sees average daily high temperatures between 62°F – 67°F, while lows fall between 39°F – 45 °F. The temperature steadily rises each day throughout the month.

Are pools open in South Carolina in March?

The indoor pools are open year round. The outdoor pools usually open around April 1st, weather permitting. I was there once in March and yes, the outdoor pools are open.