How to Write an Introduction for an Argumentative Essay

An appropriate introductory part in argumentative papers conducts itself like a beneficial opening declaration in a court. Exactly like an attorney, an author should present the problem in front of you, suggest background details, and apply the primary argument logically and persuasively.

Focus on a Hook

Start the introductory part with a phrase that attracts attention of readers who are interested of the whole issue. To have a dig at the interest of readers, it is possible to start with a quote, personal story, impressive statistical data or interesting questions. For instance, when you argue that smoking can be prohibited from public areas, you may begin the section of introduction by means of referring to statistical data from a peer-reviewed source: “The usage of tobacco kills about six million people yearly – a lot more than HIV virus and tuberculosis altogether, in accordance with the World Health Organization. The given method attracts attention of readers when presenting the topic of the paper.

Add Background Details

A good way to start an argumentative essay is to provide readers with background details concerning the topic; this approach allows them to comprehend the introduced issue. These details provide framework and history that may be essential for explaining and arguing your point. As a rule, when you argue about the necessity of absence of a military draft within the boundaries of the United States of America, your introductory part may comprise information regarding the history of that draft and those events, which caused it being annulled.

The next part of structure argumentative essay is the position of the thesis. Pay a close attention to this section mentioned below since the thesis is the central point of the whole paper.

State the Thesis

The thesis turns out to be the core of an argumentative paper. In one clear sentence, it summarizes just what point you are going to make. The thesis has to confirm a stance concerning a certain matter – the one that potential readers may argue against. Therefore, remember that the thesis cannot be presented as a fact. For instance, when a teacher assigns the basic topic of war, it is possible to form such thesis as: “The United Nations has to be reshaped because of its current incapability to prevent military conflicts.” The rest of your argumentative essay papers will try to make explanation and supply proof in defense of the thesis.

What Things to Avoid

A well-organized introductory part has not to describe arguments or offer analysis, which should be present in the body paragraphs. The part of introduction has to introduce and set up the point, rather than develop proof to back it up. At the same time, while the introductory part is a road map for the remaining part of the paper, you should not clearly announce what and exactly how you will end up arguing: “I am going to show that …” The given kind of set up should not cover any significant information and functions as a kind of a filler.

To be able to apply all the tips mentioned above, first of all, you need to choose an appropriate topic among a variety of college argumentative essay topics. When selecting a topic, remember that it is a guarantee of your future academic success or failure. Therefore, approach this task with the utmost seriousness. If you need help at this stage, you may address to your friends, teachers, or colleagues, and ask them to assist you in choosing the topic. Perhaps, they will offer you a good topic to develop.

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