How to stop being a procrastinator with homework

How to stop being a procrastinator with homework

Procrastination is one of those strange features of our character; almost everyone had to deal with. As the early definitions of procrastination dates as far as the times of ancient Greece, the problem is genuinely timeless. What is more, even after all those years, the ultimate cure to the procrastination is yet to be found.

So, what exactly is the procrastination? To put it shortly, it is the delaying of a task or multiple tasks. It is a strong desire to do anything but what we have to do. What is especially interesting is that we understand that we are procrastinating. However, it still doesn`t stop us.

The fact, that a person can do almost anything while procrastinating brings us to a question: Why the procrastination happens? What is so different about the particular task that makes us avoid completing it at all costs? The answer, however, is quite simple – it is something we have to do, but don`t want to do. It is our responsibilities and duties, that may often be rather unpleasant.

Homework is an excellent example of such an unpleasant task. It is usually where our procrastination begins, the earliest stage of it. And it is much better to fight procrastination at this initial level. So, how to stop being a procrastinator with homework?

Award yourself immediately. One of the best motivators for working is the reward. Sure, homework may be an annoying and hard thing to do. However, think about some more appealing activities you can connect with doing your homework. For example, only watch your favorite TV show after you have all your tasks done.

Split the task into parts. Sometimes, the amount of homework can seem enormous and even attempting to complete it seems pointless. What can be done is dividing the work into smaller parts. Moreover, in connection with the previous advice, you can reward yourself after completing every of such elements.

Try to focus. This advice applies to both attempting to do multitasking and to actual concentration on what you have to do. Sometimes, you may already be in the process of doing your homework, but quickly get distracted by social media notifications, exciting things in your newsfeed, etc. However, once you become fully concentrated on what you do, you will no longer be distracted, as you will be fully engaged in work.

There are multiple ways to consolidate. What helps me the most is listening to chill instrumental music while I`m doing my job. It creates a unique working atmosphere and cuts me off from any possible distractions, leaving only me and my work. Tell someone that you are planning to complete your homework.

It’s funny how we can be motivated just by understanding that someone will know if we fail. What is more, in the case with homework you may end up doing it together, helping each other on the tough parts? It is also helpful as doing something together puts a particular responsibility on you, since in the case of your procrastination, you will also fail your partner.

All in all, the procrastination may seem a tough enemy to fight. But with these simple tips, the fight will become much more comfortable. How to stop being a procrastinator with homework? Now you know the ans  wer. It all begins with your desire to stop procrastinating and a little bit of concentration.