How to send emails using PHP mail and PHPMailer?

How to send emails using PHP mail and PHPMailer?

The mail () function in PHP invokes a Sendmail program, usually configured by the system administrator, that allows you to send emails. To use the mail () function, make sure that the Sendmail service is on.

Is there a PHP template for an email form?

PHP Email Form is simple and easy to use PHP script for sending the data submitted by web HTML forms (like contact forms) to your email inbox. The library is created by the BootstrapMade team and available in the paid versions of templates published on It works out of the box with the included contact forms in our templates.

How to send a text message using PHP?

When you send a text message using PHP, all the content will be treated as simple text. We’re going to improve that output, and make the email into a HTML-formatted email. To send an HTML email, the process will be the same. However, this time we need to provide additional headers as well as an HTML formatted message.

Where can I find a free email form for PHP?

If you already started working with the free version of the template: Download the pro version from your member area, uzip it and copy the /assets/vendor/php-email-form/php-email-form.php to the / assets/vendor/php-email-form/ folder of your working project.

Which is the best mailing library for PHP?

PHPMailer is a popular mail sending library for PHP. It supports mail sending via mail() function or SMTP. In short, PHPMailer is an effective method to send emails in a PHP based environment. To use PHPMailer with Hostinger SMTP, you will first need to create an email account.

What does cc stand for in PHP mail?

“$message” is the message to be sent. CC is the acronym for carbon copy. It’s used when you want to send a copy to an interested person i.e. a complaint email sent to a company can also be sent as CC to the complaints board.

Which is the best protection for PHP email form?

Google reCaptcha is the most popular form submission protection in the world. PHP Email Form comes with built in support for the latest version 3.0 of Google reCaptcha. Follow the below steps to enable Google reCaptcha protection for your form. 1.