How to contact the city clerk of San Jose?

How to contact the city clerk of San Jose?

The City Clerk manages public inquiries and relationships and arranges for ceremonial and official functions. —City Clerk’s Association of California Contact us at 408-535-1260 or via Facebook at or via Twitter at or via email [email protected]

Where can I find San Jose public records?

This page is intended to assist members of the public in obtaining access to City of San José public records under the California Public Records Act and City policy:

Where to get a birth certificate in San Jose?

Vital Records’ Location and Hours. Clerk-Recorder’s Office 70 W. Hedding, 1st Floor, East Wing San Jose, CA 95110. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Office is closed on County holidays)

How to appeal a San Jose public records denial?

If you believe that you have been inappropriately denied access to City of San José public records, you may appeal that denial by contacting either the Open Government Manager by email or phone at (408) 535-8120 of the City Council Rules and Open Government Committee by emailing the Office of the City Clerk or calling (408) 535-1260

Where can I find maps of San Jose?

Review maps and data related to past and future City development. Access special purpose maps of historic resources, neighborhoods, smart growth, and more. Tract and Parcel Maps are maintained by the Santa Clara County Surveyor’s Office. The San José Permit Center provides instructions to help you find your tract or parcel map.

How much water does the city of San Jose use?

Learn about the City’s inspection programs that protect the Bay and how you can prevent stormwater pollution. San José Municipal Water provides drinking water service to approximately 12 percent of San José. Learn more about its water supply, water quality, water rates, service installation, and customer service.

How does the San Jose regional wastewater facility work?

The San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility works 24/7 to clean Silicon Valley’s wastewater to very high national standards, protecting public health and environment and supporting the economy. San José’s storm sewer system flows directly into our creeks, rivers, and the Bay.