How tall is X Scream at Waldameer?

How tall is X Scream at Waldameer?

140 feet
X-Scream is a Drop Tower built by US manufacturers Larson International & A.R.M. (USA) currently located at Waldameer in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. It opened in 2007….X-Scream (Waldameer)

Waldameer Location Erie, Pennsylvania, USA Status Operating since 2007 Height restriction 48 inches
Height 140 feet

Has anyone died at Waldameer?

Waldameer Amusement Park has been in continuous operation for over 115 years. In 1922, the park premiered its wooden Ravine Flyer Coaster as its featured amusement ride. Tragedy struck in 1938 when a rail car failed and a passenger fell to his death trying to escape. The park closed down the ride.

How tall is the drop ride at Waldameer?

Ravine Flyer II is an intense wooden roller coaster that features high speeds up to 60 MPH, drops as high as 120′, and unexpected changes in speed, direction, and elevation.

How old is Waldameer?

Waldameer is the fourth oldest amusement park in Pennsylvania, the tenth oldest in the nation, and one of only thirteen trolley parks still operating in the United States….Waldameer Park.

Owner Paul Nelson
General manager Steve Gorman
Opened 1896
Operating season May to September

Who owns Waldameer?

owner Paul Nelson
Chaos is coming to Waldameer and it’s being welcomed by owner Paul Nelson as the latest in more than three decades of improvements that have turned the amusement park into one of Erie County’s top attractions.

How many rides are at Waldameer?

100 rides
Waldameer & Water World has over 100 rides, slides, and attractions for kids of all ages!

Who founded waldameer?

In 1945, Alex Moeller became owner of the Park and an 11-year-old Paul Nelson (a family friend) began working.

How long has Waldameer been around?

Origins. Waldameer’s origins began in the late 1800’s as Hoffman’s grove, an Erie area popular picnic spot overlooking the lake. This serene destination caught the attention of the Erie Electric Motor Co., the city’s main trolley company.

What happened at Waldameer?

Two adults, a 20-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, and five juveniles who are 15 to 17 years old, are facing simple assault, disorderly conduct and related offenses in connection with a fight that broke out on May 31, Memorial Day, at about 6:30 p.m. on the grounds of Waldameer, 220 Peninsula Drive.

How do you spell Waldameer?

Waldameer Park & Water World | Amusement and Water Park in Erie, Pennsylvania.

How long has waldameer been around?

How did waldameer get its name?

Origins. Waldameer’s origins began in the late 1800’s as Hoffman’s grove, an Erie area popular picnic spot overlooking the lake. They leased Hoffman’s grove and renamed the land Waldameer, German for “woods by the sea” – in 1896 Waldameer Park was born.

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