How much does it cost to enter the Great North Run?

How much does it cost to enter the Great North Run?

There is a statutory entry fee of approximately £58 per entry (price may increase each year) which must be paid by both affiliated and unaffiliated participants. If you opt to enter via the general ballot, your entry fee will be charged once you have been notified that your application has been successful.

How many K is Great North Run?

21.08241 km
The Great North Run is a half-marathon at 13.1 miles (21.08241 km).

How does the virtual Great North Run work?

The campaign provides runners with two virtual running propositions; Great North Run Solo to take them through what would have been the traditional training period, and the Virtual Great North Run to give an on the day virtual race experience.

How do you get a place in the Great North Run?

Places for the Great North Run are allocated via a ballot system. Runners wanting to take part in the race must fill in the application form and commit to paying the entry fee if they are successful.

Can I do a half marathon without training?

So can you run a half marathon without proper training? Well, yes, but it’s not advisable and it’s not fun.

Can you walk the Great North Run?

Remember there will be people of all abilities around you and you can always walk the route if you want to. It’s about celebrating a great sporting occasion and having fun – and the important thing is the charity benefiting from your efforts.

Is the Great North Run route Hilly?

The usual Great North Run route includes a lovely flat finish of just under a mile along the Coast Road. However the last two miles of the 2021 are pretty much all uphill.

Can I give my Great North Run place to someone else?

Under no circumstances are runners allowed to give their number to another runner.

Can I defer my Great North Run entry?

Entry Deferral Great Run event entries are non-transferable into subsequent years events and we do not offer a deferment policy aside from the GNR (see separate policy).

How long does it take to train for the Great North Run?

Our 6 to 16 week training plans are designed to get you run ready. Whether your goal is to complete your first 5K or you’ve set your sights on a half marathon, you’ll find the right training plan for you.

Is the Great North Run a good event?

The greatest reward in taking part is the sense of achievement as you cross the finish line, but by taking your place on the Great North Run start line, you’re already part of something really special. Great Run events are renowned for being well-organised, safe, and inclusive and the atmosphere and support is always unbelievable.

Where is the finish line of the Great North Run?

Taking place annually since its inception in 1981, the race is a half-marathon which starts in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne and moves through the neighbouring borough of Gateshead towards South Tyneside. The finish line is located in South Shields on the North East Coast. What is the new Great North Run route in 2021?

Who was the winner of the Great North Run in 2010?

The 2010 Great North Run was the 30th running of the event and was held on 19 September and was started by TV presenters Ant & Dec. The number of finishers (half marathon only) was 39,459.

When does the Great North Run 2020 start?

The Great North Run 2020 starts at 10.00AM. The Elite Wheelchair race sets off at 10.10AM, followed by Elite Women at 10.15AM. The race for general ballot runners and the first wave of Elite Male Athletes officially starts from 10.40AM. General runners will then set off within their allocated wave times.