How much does a Wildrose puppy cost?

How much does a Wildrose puppy cost?

The waitlist for a Wildrose puppy is about two years and the cost is $2,200. A trained Wildrose Adventure Dog ranges roughly $10,000 – $15,000.

What is a canoe lab?

The canoe labs are small in size, but still bred for all the qualities you expect in a British Labrador: Calm nature, trainability, natural delivery to hand and game-finding initiative. Our canoe Labrador puppies are priced at $1,800 and come with full registration.

Who owns Wildrose Kennels in Oxford MS?

Tom Smith – President
Tom Smith – President/Owner Tom became the President/Owner of the Wildrose Oxford facility after 4 years as the General Manager. After training his first dog in 1998 the American style, Tom visited Wildrose and decided to join the pack.

Is a British lab the same as an English lab?

It’s commonly believed that British (or English) Labs are smaller, stockier, quieter, more easily trained, and not quite as energetic as their American counterparts. “Genetically, British and American Labs are exactly the same.

How much is a Wildrose lab?

A Wildrose Lab might cost as much as $10,000, maybe $15,000.

Who started Wildrose Kennels?

Mike Stewart
This is the root source of Wildrose Kennels. This is “the Wildrose Way,” a training technique Mike Stewart not only pioneered in the 1970s but also has been wise enough to trademark.

Do Labradors smell?

Most Labradors do have quite a distinctive smell. Visitors from dog-free homes will notice it immediately they enter your house – even though you’re no longer aware of it. “So what?” some of you may say, “What’s a bit of body odor between friends?”

What is an English chocolate lab?

In England, the English Lab is called a Show or Bench Labrador. To those living in Britain, “English Lab” simply means a lab that was born in England. The American Lab is called a working or field-bred Lab in Britain. And an American Lab to an Englishman, is simply a Labrador born in America.

Are English Labs better than American Labs?

Breeders’ and breed clubs’ consensus describes British Labs as calmer, quieter, softer and less active as opposed to the American Labs generally being more active with higher energy and greater drive. Comparing the two types of Labs, Dennis says, “There are good dogs of all origins and great dogs of all origins.”

Where can I get Wildrose Labrador Retriever puppies?

Wildrose puppies originate from the finest in British Labrador genetics known for exceptional natural game-finding ability and calm temperament. Wildrose operates three full-service facilities in Oxford, MS, Dallas, TX, and Hillsborough, NC.

How old is a finished lab from Wildrose?

Started labs are 7 months old and have basic obedience training. Finished labs are fully trained to hunt waterfowl, hunt upland bird and are adjusted to living in the home. Each finished dog is imported from the UK.

How to contact Wildrose kennels in the UK?

Please call 662-234-5788 or email at [email protected] for availability. Wildrose Kennels offers the discerning retriever enthusiast the opportunity to own a Gentleman’s shooting dog of the finest quality. These dogs are fully trained in upland game and waterfowl to meet the needs of each client.

What kind of training does Wildrose do for retrievers?

Throughout the year Wildrose conducts hands-on retriever training and handlers’ workshops at each of our regional facilities and at various locations across the country. Our unique, highly interactive workshops and demonstrations are designed to enhance the participants’ abilities and relationships with their Sporting Dogs.