How much does a DBA cost UK?

How much does a DBA cost UK?

Generally, a three-year DBA course costs 18000 to 35000 pounds on average. If students are looking for more cost-effective alternatives, then they must look into cheaper options. These programs can be beneficial for not just the lesser fees but other reasons as well.

What is DBA degree in UK?

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctorate with the same status as a PhD. This research project needs to make a significant contribution to professional practice by developing existing theories and knowledge.

Is DBA higher than PhD?

Both degrees represent the highest level of academic achievement, and both degrees are highly respected in both the academic and business worlds. The DBA is considered a professional doctorate, and the PhD is an academic doctorate.

What are the subjects in a DBA?


  • Related subjects:
  • DBA Communications and Media.
  • DBA Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • DBA Economics.
  • DBA Education.
  • DBA Financial Management and Accounting.
  • DBA Management, Business and HR.
  • DBA Marketing and PR.

Is Aston business school good?

We scored 83.4% overall satisfaction in the 2020 National Student Survey. Also, 88% of Aston students agreed that our staff are good at explaining things.

Which is the best UK university for a DBA?

In addition, some Uk University has full-time DBA program and duration is 2 year and 3 months, for example, Teesside University There is a wide variety of University in the UK offers DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program, some of them offer low tuition fees and some of the offer good numbers of scholarship for an international student.

Can you get a DBA at Southampton Business School?

Advance your career by studying for a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) at Southampton Business School. This DBA, which is among the research-focused courses offered in the UK, will give you access to the latest ideas in your sector and enable you to apply them to a real-world problem within your organisation.

Which is the Best Business School in the UK?

LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science. Founded in the far year 1894, the London School of Economics and Political Science today is one of the most renowned business schools in UK. It not only attracts students from inside UK, but there are many international scholars who dream of getting a Business degree at this university.

How much does it cost to get a DBA degree UK?

Three years DBA degree can cost £18000 to £35000 on average. There are however a number of universities and business schools offering the high-quality degree at a much lowest cost in the UK. 1. Affordable tuition fees