How many Shopkins are there in season 1?

How many Shopkins are there in season 1?

Season One is the first edition of Shopkin toys. It came out in Mid/Late June 2014. It included 12 packs, 5 packs, 20 packs, 10 packs, and 2 packs of Shopkins.

What are the names of all the Shopkins?


  • Apple Blossom.
  • Cheeky Chocolate.
  • Spilt Milk.
  • Chee Zee.
  • Cupcake Queen.
  • Dum Mee Mee.
  • Toasty Pop.
  • Slick Breadstick.

Did Shopkins get discontinued?

With only 8 seasons produced, the line was discontinued in 2020.

What Shopkins are worth money?

10 of the Rarest and the Most Valuable Shopkins Ever

  • Sophie Trophie.
  • Tiny Tiara Topper.
  • Paula Puzzle.
  • Frenchy Perfume.
  • Roxy Ring.
  • Marsha Mellow.
  • Cupcake Queen.
  • Winnie Award.

Are there any rare Shopkins?

Limited Edition Shopkins are the rarest of all Shopkins and are very hard to come by. Only a few hundred or thousand of these characters are produced worldwide. They all feature a different finish depending on their season.

What’s the latest Shopkins season?

Season Twelve, also known as Real Littles, was released in August 2019. Season Twelve includes Mini Packs which are based off real brands. Each Shopkin came in a Mini Pack. Season Thirteen, also known as Real Littles Season Two, was released in January 2020.

Are real littles the same as Shopkins?

Shopkins Real Littles™ are the same brands you find in the supermarkets – just made mini! But these cute items are packed full of Real Little Shopkins! Take home a Pringles pack full of brands and create your own Real Little supermarket!

What Shopkins are the best?

Best Shopkins Toys

  • Happy Places Happyville High School Playset. With Shopkins, Petkins, and Rainbow Kate, this set has a lot to offer that is sure to excite any child who is enthusiastic about these fun toys.
  • Pick ‘n’ Pack Small Mart Playset.
  • Lil’ Secrets Shoppies Marsha Mello.
  • Pop-n-Race Game.
  • Sweet Spot Playset.

What was the name of the Shopkins in Season 1?

Here you’ll find a full list of each Shopkins from season 1 (one) with their corresponding name and number. They are also divided into each appropriate category.

How many Shopkins are there in World of Shopkins?

*Shopkins are grouped as teams (Bakery, Pantry, etc.) * Season 1 and 2 had exclusive figures that came in the playsets, Season 3 did not. *There are other Playset Shopkins. These themed Shopkins were not part of teams. *A set of themed collection Shopkins packs were also released. *Some of board games also include Shopkins Figures.

Is there a printable Shopkins season checklist?

The printable checklists include Shopkins from a Shopkins Team during a Shopkins Season. The List are orginized by Shopkins Season and then by Shopkins Team. Each checklist item will have a Shopkin, character image, rarity level and the Shopkins Name. Additionally, a QR Code is provided.

What’s the value of a Shopkins in RuneScape?

*In the below Shopkins List, the $ to the right of each Shopkins represents how valuable that specific character is based on rarity. ($$$$ = Most valuable) Below you can also find a Printable PDF Shopkins List so you can check off which ones you already have.