How many horsepower is a 300 International tractor?

How many horsepower is a 300 International tractor?

International Harvester 300

International Harvester 300 Power
Plows: 3-bottom
Drawbar (tested): 38.32 hp 28.6 kW
Belt (tested): 42.68 hp 31.8 kW
power test details …

What years were International 300 tractors made?

Today, there’s plenty to like about the 1950s-vintage numbered series International Harvester tractors like the 1954-1956 International-Harvester 300.

What engine is in a Farmall 300?

Farmall 300 Engine

Engine Detail
International Harvester C169
Displacement: 169 ci 2.8 L
Bore/Stroke: 3.5625×4.25 inches 90 x 108 mm

How much does a Farmall 300 tractor weigh?

Farmall 300

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 92.25 inches 234 cm (tricycle)
96 inches 243 cm (wide-front)
Weight: 5361 lbs 2431 kg
Front tire: 5.50×16

What does ballasted weight mean on a tractor?

Ballasting a tractor is the long time practice of adding weight to a machine for the purposes of counter weight to an implement, increasing traction, torque transfer, etc. There are many different ways to add ballasts; fluid in the tires, wheel weights, suitcase weights, ballast box, and more.

What year did the Farmall 300 come out?


Farmall 300
Farmall 300
Type Row-crop agricultural tractor
Manufacturer International Harvester
Production 1954-1956

Why can tractors tip over easily?

Tractors are also prone to tipping when the wheels are stuck – for example, in mud or snow, or in contact with boards, logs, chains, etc. used in an attempt to improve traction, but which actually prevent the wheels from turning. Turn downhill when working across a slope. Drive straight down even the gentlest slope.

How much is a Farmall H worth?

If you haven’t heard the news, a Farmall H tractor sold for $40,000 at the Mecum Gone Farmin’ Auction on November 7. That’s not a typo – it was really sold for forty thousand dollars.

How much horsepower does an international 300 gas tractor have?

Engine Horsepower: 42 HP International Farmall 300 Gas Tractor – 13.6-38 Rear Tires., Narrow Front – 1 set of Rear Weights – This tractor is farmer owned and was purchased new by the family. For more information please contact us. All items sold AS-IS.

When did the International Harvester 300 come out?

29,077 (Farmall) Original price: $2,900 (1956) The 3 millionth International Harvester built tractor was an IH 300 utility, serial number 501, on April 5, 1955. Variants Farmall 300:

Where can I find an international Farmall 300?

DECENT TIRES, FRESH PAINT JOB. International McCormick Farmall 300 Torque Amplifier, 540 PTO, hydraulic outlet, 3 pt. Rear rubber 15.5 x 38 Extremely nice, 2nd owner tractor! Located near Windom, Minnesota.

What kind of CVT does Case IH Optum 300 have?

Case IH Optum 300 Tractor MFWD w/4.75 Suspeded Axle CVT Trans (50K) 5 Hydr Outlets Pro 700 Touch Screen 3 LED Lights Mechanical Cab Suspension Hydraulic Trailer Brake Control Front PTO and 3 Pt Park Lock 540/1000 PTO 650/60R34 Electronic Radar Independent Swing HD Drawbar 3 Mid Moun…