How many different Garbage Pail Kid cards are there?

How many different Garbage Pail Kid cards are there?

The complete set of Garbage Pail Kids OS1 consists of 88 stickers: 44 A cards and 44 B cards. Matching A and B cards have the same images but different numbering. While most collectors focus on the front, there are variation backs for cards #5, #8 and #29.

What are the names of all the Garbage Pail Kids?


  • Paul.
  • Bill.
  • Jack.
  • Phil.
  • Carl.

What are 1986 Garbage Pail Kids cards worth?

The estimated market value is $4.22. Mavin found 13 sold results, ranging in value from $0.99 to $137.49.

What is the rarest garbage pail kid?

15 Most Valuable Garbage Pail Kids Cards

  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #55b Brutal Brad.
  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #26a Slobby Robbie.
  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #23b Leaky Lou.
  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #41a Mean Gene.
  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #4b Electric Bill.
  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #83b Sumo Sid.
  • 1985 Garbage Pail Kids #70a Bad Breath Seth.

Are Garbage Pail Kid cards worth anything?

Like many relics of the past decades, Garbage Pail Kids have proven to be a valuable commodity for collectors, with some cards fetching thousands of dollars depending on their condition and rarity. (Entire boxes with unopened packs can also sell for thousands.)

Who was the first garbage pail kid?

Adam Bomb
Garbage Pail Kids

Adam Bomb (Series 1 #8a) became an icon of the Garbage Pail Kids trading card franchise; the image was used on the first five series’ packs.
Type Trading cards
Country United States
Availability 1985–present
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How do I identify my Garbage Pail Kids series?

Step 6 – Check the card #’s on the card.

  1. If your card # is 41 or less you have OS 1 cards. These are generally the most valuable of the OS cards.
  2. If your card # is 42-83 you have OS 2 cards.
  3. If your card # is 84 – 580 you have OS 3 – OS 14 cards.
  4. If your card # is 581 – 620 you have OS 15 cards.

What’s the most expensive garbage pail kid?

Do they still make wacky packages?

2021 Wacky Packages is back for another year of Wacky Fun. Collect all the fun with the return of Wonky Packages and Coupons along with a new edition Wacky Playing cards.

What is the most valuable trading card in the world right now?

Honus Wagner Card Sells for $6.606 Million, Becomes Most Expensive Trading Card Ever. A T206 Honus Wagner baseball card became the most expensive trading card ever when it sold for $6.606 million on Monday.

What is a pail of garbage?

: a round container that is open at the top and usually has a handle. a garbage pail.

Are wacky packages worth money?

Even common wackys are not worthless, the average value of a near mint 1973-1975 wacky is about $3-$4, with none worth less than at least a dollar (if in near mint condition), so you can still probably make a few bucks regardless, if that is your goal.

What are the names of the Garbage Pail Kids?

Each sticker card features a Garbage Pail Kid character having some comical abnormality, deformity, and/or suffering a terrible fate with a humorous word play character name such as Adam Bomb or Blasted Billy.

What was the first Garbage Pail Kids card worth?

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #1a Nasty Nick Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $7,500 First on the list is “Nasty Nick”, the very first card of the very first series released in 1985.

Who is cut up Carmen in Garbage Pail Kids?

Cut-Up Carmen is the garbage pail kid of series seven which was launched on the 4th wall of a particular occasion. It has many interesting and excellent characters escaping from these cards.

Why did Topps stop making Garbage Pail Kids?

As part of the out-of-court settlement, Topps agreed to modify the appearance of the Garbage Pail Kids to remove the resemblance between the characters and to change the logo design. Production of the cards themselves continued, but by 1988 sales had dwindled and a planned Series 16 was never produced.