How long does the Three Capes walk take?

How long does the Three Capes walk take?

Over four days and three nights, walkers will cover the 48 kilometres, taking in tall eucalypt forests, coastal heath and Australia’s highest sea cliffs. Evenings are spent in warm and comfortable environmentally-sensitive cabins at Surveyors, Munro and Retakunna.

How much does the Three Capes walk cost?

Three Capes Track (Signature)

Price per person for departures (inc. GST) Full price
01 June 2021 – 31 August 2021 $3,095
01 September 2021 – 31 May 2022 $3,395
01 June 2022 – 31 August 2022 $3,195
01 September 2022 – 31 May 2023 $3,495

Is the 3 Capes walk difficult?

Lets start with the basics: the Three Capes Track is a 4 day/3 nights hike in the South of Tasmania, totalling 46 kilometres in length. The walk is graded “Easy-moderate” which at first seems a little too generous, however on day four you soon realise why the walk was graded that little bit harder than easy.

How do I get to Three Capes Track?

Getting to and from the Three Capes Track The best way to get to Port Arthur is to drive about 1.5hrs from Hobart and park for free during your hike (there’s a designated long-term car park for the Three Capes Track about 500m from the Visitor’s Centre and the bus will return you directly there after you finish).

Are there showers on the 3 Capes walk?

The three capes walk is an exceptionally scenic 4-day hike in Tasmania’s South East. The inclusion of unexpected extras like hot showers and board games combine to make the Three Capes Walk an exceptional hike. There is the option to take a guided tour.

What grade is the Three Capes walk?

grade 3
Three Capes Track is a 46km, grade 3 one way hike, located in Cape Pillar State Reserve, Tasmania. The hike should take approximately 4 days to complete.

Where does the Three Capes walk start?

the Port Arthur Historic Site
The Three Capes Track experience begins with guests being collected at the Port Arthur Historic Site. Port Arthur is found just over 2 hours drive from Hobart. The track concludes at Fortescue Bay on the east of the Peninsula approximately 30 minutes’ drive from the start point at Port Arthur.

What to take on the Three Capes walk?

Three Capes Track recommends carrying the following: bandaids, blister packs, Elastoplast, gauze patches, compression bandage, triangular bandage, scissors, tweezers, and medications like antihistamine, anti-inflammatory meds, antiseptic cream, and paracetemol.

How to walk the Three Capes Track in Tasmania?

3-6 months out: Begin training. Carry a pack of similar weight to that which you’ll carry on the track, and build towards walking the distance of your longest day (17km). 1 month out: Equipment check. Nights can be cool but a sleeping bag rated to 0°C or -5°C should be sufficient.

Where to go for a 3 day walk in Tasmania?

The Three Capes Track – Hailed as Australia’s premier coastal bushwalking experience. Over four days… Join us for a one of a kind adventure, the Three Capes Escape walking experience and explore the natural beauty of the Tasman Peninsula in the far south-east corner of Tasmania.

What’s the best way to walk the three capes?

There are mainly three ways to do the Three Capes Walk. Here is an overview: This is how most hikers do it. And how I did it too. You can use the three lodges and all the facilities. It’s easy to book yourself in through the National Parks Tasmania Website.

Why are there fewer walkers on three capes track?

In order to ensure physical distancing and COVID-19 safe practices are met, the PWS has decided to reduce walker numbers on the Three Capes Track. Before booking we recommend you check Tasmanian travel advice regarding border restrictions at – Coming to Tasmania.