How fast does a Tesla do 0 to 60?

How fast does a Tesla do 0 to 60?

The electric car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.07 seconds, more than 0.2 second quicker than our previous record holder.

Is the Fiat 500e fast?


0-62 mph 9 seconds
Top speed 93 mph
Engine power 117 bhp / 87 kW
Torque 220 Nm

How fast is a Fiat 500 electric?

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Model: Fiat 500 Icon
Transmission: Single-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
0-62mph: 9 seconds
Top speed: 93mph
Economy: 3.1 miles/kWh

How many miles does a Fiat 500e last?

The EPA estimates the 500e can travel up to 84 miles on a full charge. Fiat claims a 24-hour charge time from empty using a typical 120-volt outlet, while a Level 2 charger will do the job in about four hours.

How long does a Fiat 500e last?

Generally though, You can hope for a decade or about 150,000 miles. The life of a fiat 500e battery is expected to last approximately 100,000 miles.

What is the top speed of a Fiat 500e?

2017 Renault Zoe Q90 83.9 mph / 135.0 km/h
2019 Renault Zoe R110 83.9 mph / 135.0 km/h
2016 FIAT 500e 85.1 mph / 137.0 km/h
2015 Volkswagen e-Golf SEL Premium 87.0 mph / 140.0 km/h
2015 Volkswagen e-Golf Limited Edition 87.0 mph / 140.0 km/h

Do you know the Tesla 0 to 60 times?

Zero to 60 times does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the Tesla 0-60 mph times. Our car specs website is considered by many, to be the most easy-to-find directory for car statistics including classic cars, hybrid cars, luxury cars, muscle cars, sports cars and more!

Is there such thing as a 0 to 60 electric car?

Soon, we may see the day where the internal combustion engine reaches it physical limit and cannot keep pace with the ridiculous instant torque a performance electric car can deliver. In this section you can easily find numerous electric car 0-60 specs. Make sure to check back soon to this EV 0 to 60 stats category since it is frequently updated.

Is the Cinquecento Fiat 500 an electric car?

Classic Chrome Ltd – Electric Classic Fiat 500’s In 2017 Classic Chrome came up with the idea of converting the original Cinquecento to Electric Power and in conjunction with specialist ‘Electric Classic Cars’in Wales, we have now produced our first two cars!

Can a Chevy Volt outrun a Tesla?

However, it appears the 500e will outrun it from 0-30. And it looks like the new 2016 Chevy Volt is going to outrun all of them except the Tesla on the 0-30 test! The 0-30 test is actually pretty important for a vehicle that you are going to be driving around in the city.