How does the cycle to work scheme work?

How does the cycle to work scheme work?

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a salary sacrifice. This means the cost of a new bike and equipment is deducted from your salary as a non-cash benefit, so you save on tax and national insurance. Your employer effectively buys the bike and equipment on your behalf, then leases it back to you through an interest-free salary sacrifice scheme.

How is customer service at Maidstone Cycles UK?

Really imprest with customer service at Maidstone CyclesUK. Very professional and helpful. Many thanks to Maidstone Team This was my 1st bicycle purchase in a few years but the staff couldn’t help me choose ac cessories for the bike.

Which is the best cycle to work in the UK?

At Cycles UK we support all of the leading Cycle to Work providers to offer employees the very best choice of premium bikes brands not available from all high street bike shops.

How to apply for cycle to work UK?

Follow the link to our designated employer Cycle to work Scheme website or call 01268 745556 for further details. The scheme doesn’t cost anything to set up. The scheme can be easily completed online and you will be ready to offer your employees a bike within 2 weeks.

This scheme aims to encourage you to cycle to and from work. Under the scheme your employer can buy a bicycle and safety equipment for you. This will not be a taxable benefit-in-kind. There are now two limits, depending on the type of bicycle purchased.

Which is the number one cycle to work scheme in Ireland?

Welcome to Bike To Work, Ireland’s number one Cycle to Work scheme provider, helping thousands of Employers to administer the scheme using Ireland’s largest nationwide network of over 350 Independent Bike Shops.

When do you have to use cycle to work?

For example, if you used the scheme during any month in 2016, you can use the scheme again from 1 January 2020. You must mainly use the bicycle and safety equipment for qualifying journeys. This means the whole or part of a journey between your home and your normal place of work.