How does Age of Ultron end comics?

How does Age of Ultron end comics?

The Vision reveals that Ultron is acting from the future using him as a conduit. She-Hulk is killed freeing Cage and the other superheroes flee Manhattan. Cage later dies from radiation poisoning, but is able to tell the heroes what he learned about Ultron.

Who kills Ultron in the comics?

the Vision
The 1995 limited series The Last Avengers Story features a possible future in which Ultron-59 manipulates fellow Avengers foe Kang the Conqueror into attacking the Avengers. Ultron is destroyed by the Vision, sacrificing his own artificial life.

What happened at the end of AOU?

At the conclusion of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers as we know them have disassembled. Tony Stark drives off to parts unknown in one of his countless Audis. Hawkeye retires to the countryside to become a family man. Thor heads back to Asgard to deal with a looming Armageddon.

Where did Tony go at the end of Age of Ultron?

upstate New York
Having been blamed for unleashing Ultron onto the world because of his own hubris, which is accurate, Tony Stark says goodbye to Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow as he drives off in his million-dollar sports car, away from the new Avengers academy in upstate New York.

Is there an end scene in Age of Ultron?

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) This scene shows Thanos (Josh Brolin) putting on the Infinity Gauntlet before declaring, “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” as he then sets off to obtain all the Infinity stones and to do a final confrontation with the Avengers.

Is it Elizabeth Olsen in the end of Age of Ultron?

The events of WandaVision episode 8 paint a very different picture for how Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) fared after Avengers: Age of Ultron, effectively retconning her ending from that film. The third of those memories takes place in the aftermath of Age of Ultron, Wanda’s full introduction to the MCU.

What happened to the Vibranium rod in Age of Ultron?

In AoU, Ultron puts a gigantic core of Vibranium in the ground that generates a magnetic field strong enough to hold the city of Sokovia together. It’s literally the size of a skyscraper. We see it fall out of the sky, and it just drops into the ocean when tony/thor blow up Sokovia.

Did Ultron created vision?

Vision was a synthezoid made from vibranium, created by Ultron with the help of Helen Cho, and given life by the powerful artifact known as the Mind Stone.

How was Ultron born?

Ultron was an artificial intelligence peacekeeping program created by Tony Stark using the decrypted code derived from the Mind Stone encased within Loki’s Scepter; Stark retooled this code with the help of Bruce Banner.

When did Avengers Age of Ultron come out?

When Avengers: Age of Ultron first hit theaters back in 2015, it didn’t get anywhere near the amount of love that its predecessor did. Some critics described it as “overstuffed,” while fans felt disappointed at what, at many points, felt more like a two and a half hour series of trailers for upcoming films than a self-contained story.

What happens at the end of age of Ultron?

Let’s take a deeper look and explain what we know going into the final chapter of Phase 2: Ant-Man.

Why did Thor go underground in age of Ultron?

It’s not a bad initial strategy, but the lack of communication between Thor and the other Avengers comes back to bite everyone involved. Thor’s battle takes him underground, where he discovers Ultron’s plan just in time to watch it come to fruition.

Why was She Hulk killed in the Avengers?

The Vision reveals that Ultron is using him as a conduit and is punishing humankind from the future. After learning this, She-Hulk is killed while trying to get Cage out of Ultron’s lair.