How do you write a revision letter?

How do you write a revision letter?

Format of a Revision LetterIntroduction: brief context, thanking the reviewers, outline of letter.List of changes: a list of the significant changes that were made compared to the previous version, each change attributed to the reviewers whose feedback suggested it.

How do you write a revise and resubmit letter?

5 Rhetorical Moves for the Resubmit Letter. Even though some of the reviewer comments might be unpleasant, your revise and resubmit letter should be formal and polite. Express gratitude. We thank Reviewer A for. Signal attention to.Claim positive results. Preview content. Reviewer A’s original. Respond to specific.

How do you respond to peer review comments when submitting papers for publication?

Be concise in your response letter and revisions. Ensure consistency between your response letter and revised manuscript. Be respectful, but persuasive, if you disagree with select reviewer comments. Provide detail in the response letter about where changes have been made in the revised paper.

How do you reply to a peer review comment?

Responding to reviewers’ commentsBegin by thanking the reviewer for taking the time to assess your manuscript.Then, specify that you’ve addressed all the concerns they raised. List all the reviewer’s comments and your answer to each one. Avoid giving yes or no answers.